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The Chinese TV show Colorful Planet recently filmed at Skyline High School to show a slice of life in an American high school. By Andrew Cluley AAPS Communications Specialist Ann Arbor Public Schools’ already robust …

“Unless the board changes and unless there is a compelling need to do so, leadership stability is important to the continuation of our governance structure, continuation of our efforts and initiatives in conjunction with administration. I think it also speaks to the fact that this board functions very well as a team,” says Board President Deb Mexicotte.

“When I see kindergarten class sizes, and we have 81 percent under 23 students in the class, that’s spectacular, it’s really spectacular in today’s day and environment and the cost pressures, that we are consistently under. I think it truly reflects Ann Arbor’s priority in the best student experience,” says School Board Member Donna Lasinski.

“For example the report did not say, gee, you have three elementary schools that are way under capacity you really need to think about closing one, or two, or perhaps all three of those schools. There is also nothing in here that addresses redistricting or the need to redistrict to align things,” School Board Member Andy Thomas says highlighting some of the recommendations the district doesn’t need to consider at this time.

While the stronger economy has made it more challenging for school systems across the country to find enough substitute teachers, there is also a challenge unique to Michigan. A 2010 change in state law eliminated one of the best pools of candidates for substitute teachers, recently retired teachers.

“We have a higher standard of care for our students that we willingly embrace and fiercely defend – that of maintaining the safest educational environment – an environment in which guns simply have no place,” says School Board President Deb Mexicotte.

Ann Arbor schools removed from Focus Schools list

September 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

“By almost every measure including the top to bottom list, Ann Arbor was achieving especially for our underrepresented minority students, especially for those who are socio-economically challenged that was being recognized by state and national organizations and state and national governments,” School Board President Deb Mexicotte explains.

“We don’t look at it like it’s a choice whether we’ll be ready or not, I mean we have to. I mean all these kids have to be picked up safely, delivered to and from school, and ready to learn on time,” says Durham School Services Regional Vice President Brad Tate.

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