Board of Education

AAPS Board of Education objects to Michigan’s proposed new K-12 social studies standards

“As non-partisan officials tasked with directing the education of the students in our district we are opposed to the proposed removal of important parts of our state’s and nation’s history from teaching standards. We are opposed to the removal and reduced emphasis on whole populations of people, groups that have played an important role in our nation’s story, and historically significant events.” – statement from AAPS Board of Education members. […]

The Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education and Superintendent Jeanice Swift in Huron High School
Board of Education

New collective bargaining agreement approved with AAEA

“We are proud to be able to continue to invest in our teachers. We will keep moving forward, as one team, to achieve an exceptional educational environment. Much appreciation, on behalf of the Board of Education and our entire community, for working so hard on a multiyear agreement that we can all be proud of,” says Board President Christine Stead. […]