Slauson Science Olympiad heads to State championship in April

We are so proud of Slauson’s 30 determined, ingenious Science Olympians who took first place in the Region 9 Olympiad in Hillsdale on Saturday, March 16.  This means they’re going to the State Olympiad in Lansing on April 27!

Seven middle schools competed, and four of those (including Slauson) brought an alternate team, so there were 11 teams altogether.

In February, our teams competed against 25 teams in the Hudson Invitational, finishing 3rd behind Hudson and Emerson.  Since both Hudson and Emerson are in our Region, our kids knew they’d have to step it up to finish 1st or 2nd at Regionals and they did it!  Hudson and Emerson are excellent teams; they finished second and third, respectively, at Regionals.

Science Olympiad events range from study events like Anatomy, Forestry and Heredity to problem-solving events like Crime Busters and Experimental Design and building events like Helicopters and Mousetrap Vehicle. Slauson head coaches wish to thank our faculty advisor, Jon Strite, our tireless coaches — parents, U of M graduate students, and Pioneer high school students — but we especially honor the Olympians below for their teamwork and passion for science!


Regional Results – Slauson

  • Anatomy 2nd place – Shreya Chakravathy, Ayush Thakur
  • Boomilever  6th – Mark Bruey, Tony Tian
  • Crime Busters  2nd – Michael Briggs, Emily Rennich, 6th place – Erika Chesky, Sachin Nair
  • Disease Dectectives  2nd place – Shreya Chakravathy, Ayush Thakur
  • Dynamic Planet  1st place – Vinay Yarlagadda, Sophia Janevic, 3rd place – Riya Bhutani, Patrick Wang
  • Experimental Design – 1st Place – Michael Briggs, Tanvi Jaikamal, Swaraj Nayegandhi
  • 3rd place – Erika Chesky, Ronak Shetty, Arundathy Suresh
  • Food Science – 1st place – Michael Briggs, Sean Higgins
  • Forestry – 1st place – Sean Higgins, Anne Ye; 5th place – John Florence, Faran Meshinchi
  • Helicopters – 3rd place – Swaraj Tripathy, Tony Tian
  • Heredity – 1st place – Tanvi Jaikamal, Swaraj Nayegandhi ;5th place Ronak Shetty, Aaron Kofsky
  • Keep the Heat – 1st place – Ronak Shetty, Aaron Kofsky ;2nd place – Swaraj Tripathy, Aditya Vinukonda
  • Meteorology 2nd place – Sean Higgins, Anne Ye; 3rd place – Patrick Wang, Faran Meshinchi
  • Metric Mastery – 1st place – Michael Briggs, Mark Bruey;4th place – Aaron Kofsky, John Florence
  • Mission Possible – 5th place – Mark Bruey, Emily Rennich, Aditya Vinukonda
  • Mousetrap Vehicle – 2nd place – Swaraj Tripathy, Aditya Vinukonda
  • Reach for Stars – 2nd place – Hazel White, Siwei Sun; 3rd place – Sampoorna Ravikanth, Sophia Janevic
  • Road Scholar 2nd place – Vinay Yarlagadda, Aditya Vinukonda
  • Rocks and Minerals 1st place – Sophia Janevic,Sampoorna Ravikanth; 5th place – Sachin Nair, Polina Chuikov
  • Rotor Egg Drop 1st place – Tony Tian, Swaraj Nayegandhi
  • Shock Value 6th place – Tony Tian, Swaraj Nayegandhi; 6th place – Ayush Deb, Riya Bhutani
  • Sounds Of Music 1st Place – Sean Higgins, Emily Rennich; 5th place – Aaron Kofsky, Viraj Mohile
  • Water Quality 1st place – Hazel White, John Florence; 3rd place – Vinay Yarlagadda, Shreya Chakravarthy
  • Write it Do it 5th place – Tanvi Jaikamal, Sampoorna Ravikanth

––Submitted by Amy Higgins, Shrimati Rao and Hedieh Briggs, Head Coaches for Slauson Science Olympiad


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