Bach KMO team places second in state competition

Bach KMO Team March 2013

Bach School’s Knowledge Master Open Team placed second in Michigan, in the Knowledge Master Open held on March 20, 2013. Nationally, Bach placed 64th out of 185 total teams. 

The K.M.O. is a team academic contest that tests students’ ability to answer questions about all the school subjects. The Bach School K.M.O. Team scored 515 out of a possible 1000 points. The average score in Michigan was 497 and the mean nationwide was 481.  We were above the mean in the state and the country.

March 2013 Bach School’s Knowledge Master Open Team:

4th graders: Reid Taylor, Ethan Gibb-Randall, Bella Montagno

5th graders: Clara Rosenblum, Maggie Schmidt, Christina Squatriti, Emma Thornton, Kristen Umbriac, Jane Heckendorn, Jonah Nunez, Sierra Kelleher, Dorothy Held, Izzy Yates, Aliya Szutz, James Farmer, Chava Makman Levinson, Camryn McClain, Quinn Formoso, Carina Sanborn, and Jack Onderdonk

How’d They Know That?

    Kristin knew how to figure out the number of syllables that would be in the last line of a stanza…  Emma knew that chlorine compounds are used to purify water supplies…  Christina offered excellent typing skills…  Maggie knew that four of the five first U.S. Presidents were born in Virginia…

Clara knew that the executive branch of government is responsible for enforcing laws…  Jane knew that an individual who governs with unlimited authority is called an autocrat…   Jonah knew that engagement is not a synonym for armistice…  Sierra knew that the purpose of the Dutch dikes is reclamation…

Dorothy knew that hemoglobin transports oxygen…  Aliya knew that the main divisions of the U.S. Constitution are called articles…  James knew that the “American March King’s” initials were JPS (John Philip Sousa)…  Chava knew that an alliance between North and South Korea is unlikely…

Camryn knew that the difference between ⅘ and 9/6 is .7…   Quinn knew that the land French explorers named after King Louis XIV was along the Mississippi River…  Jack knew that the team names in the most recent Super Bowl were inspired by a poem and prospectors (Ravens v. 49ers)…  Carina knew that Shere Khan was not a good guy…

Bella knew that if you rotate a rectangle, you get a cylinder…  Ethan knew that Polaris is in the handle of the Little Dipper…   Reid knew that the Lincoln Memorial was built to echo the Parthenon…

–Submitted by Tina Ezekiel

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