Welcome to the new AAPS News!

It’s a new school year, and the district has a brand-new AAPS News set up just for you!

The AAPS News is an award-winning online newsletter that features videos, photos and stories about the important and awesome happenings in your schools.

Here are some new features to check out:

A blog from our new Superintendent, Dr. Jeanice Swift

A blog from our Board of Education President Deb Mexicotte

-A brand-new magazine-style theme that shows you dozens of news stories right on the home page

A new commenting policy

-A simple print format option at the end of each story

-A weekly newsletter delivered at lunchtime every Friday

In order to serve you better, all district parents have been signed up for the weekly AAPS News email update. If you prefer not to receive the email, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. If you receive the email twice, simply click the unsubscribe link on one of the emails.

Thanks for reading the AAPS News!

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  1. The html version of email routes all the links through “list-manage.com” which means that most likely there is tracking of readers. Some of us will not click on such links out of the principle of objecting to such tracking software. If you want to count hits to links, do that at the web site rather than at the email client. Some readers like myself are unwilling to click on links that go through tracking software so your news may reach somewhat fewer readers this way. I encourage you to change it to not use any .com for counting hits.

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