Target Employees Volunteer at Abbot for March Reading Month

Alice Timko reads "Green Eggs and Ham" at Abbot Elementary, March 24, 2014.
Alice Timko reads “Green Eggs and Ham” at Abbot Elementary, March 24, 2014.

March 27, 2014

By Tara Cavanaugh 

Target: You know it as everyone’s favorite place to shop. But the company also has a mission to give back to the community.

Target gives five percent of its profits –– which adds up to $4 million a week –– to support communities, and most of those donations are focused on education. One of Target’s goals is that employees complete 700,000 volunteer hours by the end of the 2015 fiscal year.

In the spirit of that mission, Target employees from area stores volunteer in the Ann Arbor Public Schools in a variety of ways. Most recently, Target volunteers read to classes at Abbot Elementary for March Reading Month.

“I think it’s a lot of fun. I love looking at the kids’  faces light up and seeing how excited they get,” said Laura Hammer.

“Target does a ton of community and volunteer events every year,” Hammer continued. “We have a goal for hours for our stores. And we always partner with AAPS to do different things. We did our Books for Schools award to this school and gave them a $500 gift certificate to get books for their library. So we thought this would be a great follow up to read with these kids.”

Media specialist Chrissy Postema used the Books for Schools gift certificate to purchase over 80 “attractive, high-interest fiction and nonfiction books” for Abbot’s library.

“Students will be extremely excited to check out all the books,” Postema said. “Their satisfaction and the support of student literacy promoted by the Target grant make everyone at Abbot extremely appreciative and grateful.”

Kanda Jordan, Abbot media specialist Chrissy Postema, Alice Timko, Laura Hammer and Emily Gryka.
Kanda Jordan, Abbot media specialist Chrissy Postema, Alice Timko, Laura Hammer and Emily Gryka.

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