Staff Spotlight: Theresa Maglothin


Dec. 11, 2013

By Nicole Martin

Theresa Maglothin wasn’t always the passionate and accomplished woman she is today. After years of hard work, she is ready to inspire students and help them find success.

“I know what it feels like to be hopeless,” she said. “That is why on my first day (as a teacher) it was huge for me to tell my students, ‘Listen: I’ve been where you’ve been, I know what got you here. Most importantly, I know what it takes to get you out.”

After years of struggling to balance personal life and school, Maglothin said her academic troubles became so steep that graduation no longer seemed like an option. “My mom got really sick when I was in high school,” she said. “My parents were in the hospital my entire high school career. I think my coping method was to act out and do what I wanted to do and not be responsible.”

But that all changed when Maglothin started attending Stone High School, now Ann Arbor Technical High School. There she found the support she needed. At Stone, Maglothin said for the first time learning became fun and she became truly invested in her own academic success. With the help of advisors, Maglothin created a graduation plan and months later, despite her own doubts, she graduated.

After graduating Maglothin joined the military –– a life-changing experience she believes would not have been possible had she not attended Stone. “If it weren’t for the staff, if I didn’t have a school like this, I can guarantee I would not have graduated high school,” she said. “My whole path in life would have been different. I would not have been able to join the military. I would not have gone to college and I definitely wouldn’t be teaching.”

That explains her main goal now: “I really want to see every single one of my students succeed,” she said. “I strive to have that same impact on my students that my teachers had on me.”

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  1. Theresa, you are truly an inspiration and we (staff and students) are very lucky to have you as part of our team!!

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