Staff Spotlight: Jonathan Royce


Oct. 24, 2013

By Nicole Martin

He wasn’t always a straight-A student. He admits that his academic struggles were steep. But now Jonathan Royce is a self-published author and a language arts teacher at Roberto Clemente Student Development Center. The father of six opened up to the AAPS News about his past as a student and also his inspiration for writing a children’s book.

Last year Royce self-published “Detective Dwayne Drake and the Case of the Alphabet Thief.” “I wanted to create something that children would love and parents wouldn’t dread reading every night,” he said. The story, filled with colorful illustrations and catchy rhythms, is a fun spin on the classic alphabet book. The tale also includes repetition and alliteration, strategies that helped him as a student.

Royce is open about having an Auditory Processing disorder (a form of dyslexia), which sometimes made learning in the classroom difficult. “If a lot of people are talking to me or someone is lecturing, I sometimes miss pieces of information,” the University of Michigan graduate said.“A lectured-focused class was never one I did best in.”

After learning about his disability, Royce said that he excelled in self-paced classes in school.  That is why Royce is passionate about helping his students seek alternative solutions when traditional methods aren’t working in the classroom. “I enjoy having the flexibility to discover how each student learns,” he said. “Not every student is the same.”

Royce isn’t ready to become a full-time author just yet.  For now, he’s enjoying being a positive role model for his students. “Building relationships and watching the kids grow and mature has been the most rewarding part of being a teacher,” he said.

To purchase a copy of Detective Dwayne Drake and the Case of the Alphabet Thief please visit the website or visit Nicola’s Bookstore, located at 2513 Jackson Ave.

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