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A student-run program designed to resolve conflict among peers has expanded in Ann Arbor. Peers Making Peace was first adopted at Pioneer High School and has now moved into Skyline, Stone and Clemente high schools as well as Slauson Middle School. “I think it’s a terrific program,” said Slauson Principal Chris Curtis. “I’m very supportive of it. It empowers the students.”

Since 1988, Pioneer High School’s Positive Peer Influence group has helped other students with challenges in and out of school that may interfere with their academic achievement. Students not only work with their peers, but also help to select those who will take the class.

A second federal REMS grant of $315,000 to The Ann Arbor Public Schools will enhance emergency preparedness and allow purchase of SchoolMessenger system to notify parents via phone, e-mail and text messages for both critical and regular information.

Two clinics housed in The Ann Arbor Public Schools serve a variety of eastside students and their families for preventative care as well as illness and injuries. The clinics at Scarlett Middle School and Stone High School are open during regular school hours and are run by the University of Michigan Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools.

Tuition Preschool Open Houses in March Families with children who will be 4 years old by Dec. 1, 2010, are invited to visit one of two open houses for The Ann Arbor Public Schools tuition …

Innovation at Skyline High begins in the classroom

February 15, 2010 // 0 Comments

Skyline High School continues its unique approach. Ann Arbor’s newest high school is now operating in its second year with magnet programs and a mastery approach to learning. It will have students of all grade levels attending by 2011.

A 3-year-old bald eagle that lives at the Leslie Science and Nature Center has been adopted as a mascot by Skyline High School. The raptor has visited the school several times for assemblies and other activities.

School Bells: Budget feedback report Feb. 17

February 15, 2010 // 0 Comments

The Ann Arbor Board of Education is scheduled to hear a report Wednesday, Feb. 17 from school administrators, wrapping up information gleaned from recent community budget meetings. The meetings, held in January around the district, …

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