VIDEO: Chartwells makes healthy food with attitude

By Tara Cavanaugh

Chartwells sent chefs into AAPS high schools last week to show students that healthy eating can be anything but bland.

At Pioneer, Kim Sinclair and head cook Allison Kiersey (shown in the video above) whipped up stir-frys with style, tossing meat, vegetables and sauce over a tall open flame.

Hungry students were drawn by the sizzling sounds and tantalizing teriyaki and ginger-orange aromas. And parents, take note: many of the teens were convinced to try new vegetables by the energetic, but not pushy, Chartwells staff. 

Educating kids about healthy eating is a year-round goal of the company, said Director Heather Holland. Chartwells chefs are available for classroom demonstrations and lessons on nutrition.

Chartwells regularly serves full meals to more than 6,000 AAPS students, said Holland. That figure doesn’t include students purchasing a la carte items.

The company also works closely with local food providers to offer local and healthy eating options for the students. And it’s affordable–– the stir fry meal costs just $3.50.

Learn more about Chartwells at its website.

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