Tonight’s prom will top off four wonderful years, says Huron senior, whose last-minute date is happy to make that wish come true

Olivia Greenspan and Avery Lewis will attend the Huron Senior Prom tonight at Michigan Stadium. Photo by Jo Mathis.

By Jo Mathis
AAPS District News Editor

Olivia Greenspan says she’s enjoyed a wonderful four years at Huron High School, and that it will be great to top it off by attending the senior prom.

But she didn’t have a date to tonight’s big bash—until two days ago.

That’s when her teacher’s aid asked a coach if there might be an athlete who would do the honor of accompanying Olivia.

Coach Michael Lewis knew just the tall, handsome basketball player to fill the bill: his son, Avery.

“He’s a good kid, and he’ll make sure he escorts her, introduce her to folks, make sure she has a memorable experience her senior year,” said Michael Lewis, a community assistant at the school who often does laps around the school with Olivia when she needs to get exercise. “Olivia’s a sweet girl. She deserves it.”

Because Olivia uses a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, there might not be a whole lot of dancing.

Then again, there might be a lot of dancing.

“It’ll be a learn-as-we-go process,” said Olivia, 18, with a laugh.

“I agree with that,” added Avery, a sophomore who is able to attend the prom because he’ll accompany a senior.

Avery said he happily agreed to take Olivia to the prom when his dad asked, although the two had never met.

“Everybody should have a prom experience and take pictures with somebody and not go alone,” he said.

Olivia borrowed a purple dress and Avery will wear a black tux to the dance. Olivia’s parents will drive her there and pick her up later.

“They said, `If you’re excited, we’re excited,’” she said. “They just want me to have a good prom; a last great high school experience, because it’s been great here.”

Olivia said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go to the prom.

“But then it kind of rolled around and I decided to go,” she said. “I want to see my friends one last time before graduation because that’s coming up real soon.”

Thanks in part to her teacher’s aid, it’s happening.

“I’m really excited that it’ll be at Michigan Stadium,” she said, noting that she’s never been in the Jack Roth Stadium Club, where the prom is held overlooking the field.

Avery is also looking forward to the big night.

“Hopefully it’ll be a fun experience for both of us,” he said. “And I’ll have a new friend at the end.”





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  1. I now have a new favorite basketball player (teacher’s aid and dad). Way to be, Avery. Have so much fun, Olivia!

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