Teachers and staff gather for Opening Day activities; “We care” is the theme of 2015-16 school year

The opening day of the 2015-16 year for AAPS staff and teachers was a busy one Tuesday, with each school focusing on the year-long theme of caring.

It was also a time for team building, as staff got reacquainted with colleagues and met new ones. Principals led staff meetings, where they reviewed parent surveys, goals, new learning initiatives, and started discussions about best classroom practices.

Forsythe Middle School staff embarked on a road rally, dividing into cars with a long list of local destinations, all designed to give them a deeper insight into their students’ neighborhoods and hang-outs, while solidifying relationships.

“Find a Forsythe parent” and “Visit Peace Neighborhood Center” were two of the tasks.

IMG_0810 copy

At Carpenter Elementary, Principal Michael Johnson stressed the need for staff to focus on the “big rocks” of family, caring, and self first and foremost.  He says it’s easy to let the day-to-day tasks, or little rocks take up all of your time so you don’t focus on what’s really important.  He also took the staff on a tour of the Carpenter community.

At Pathways to Success Academic Campus, the morning was highlighted by a visit from Yvonne Dulin, the wife of the creator and long-time leader of the former Roberto Clemente School.  Pathways behavior intervention specialist Jeffrey Nzoma says Dulin made it clear that they need to understand the social reality of their students to show they care.

Also throughout the day, custodians were busy making sure conditions are tip-top for Sept. 8, when about 17,000 students will fill the buildings.


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  1. This is just to take the opportunity to thank your school especially Huron High School where my child is enrolled. He is in Grade 10 now. I am really blessed and touched for the teachers are so caring, accommodating and very helpful to us parents and to their students. Their concerns for my son and understanding is very much appreciated.
    Ms. Wendy Reinhardt, your Guidance Counselor is very helpful and accommodating. I personally experience and see her concerns for our children especially their needs and problems in school.
    Your teacher Kathy Jones and Hala Boles were so loving, caring and understanding towards their students and to us parents. They always give me some pointers, advises and suggestions on how to improve my child’s performance in school. They communicate with me thru my e-mail and responded to them thru their e-mail too.
    May God continue to bless your schools and staff especially your teachers in their teaching ministry to our children.

    Respectfully yours,

    Mrs. Miriam D. Martin

  2. This is wonderful to hear! Thanks so much for taking time to applaud a few of the many caring AAPS professionals.

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