Skyline’s first Athletic Supervisor departs for John Glenn High

John YoungDec. 4, 2013

By Tara Cavanaugh

Yesterday was the last day for John Young, Skyline High School’s athletic supervisor for the past five years.

Young lead the athletic program as it grew along with the school. Skyline, which opened in 2008, started with only a class of freshmen, and added a new class each year until it graduated its first senior class in 2012.

Young will be the Athletic Director for John Glenn High School in Westland, Mich.

“It’s been great watching Skyline grow,” he said. “It’s an opportunity that not many people get, to open a brand new school and build a program from the ground up.”

Young has celebrated victories and firsts with students over the years, including the recent win of the school’s first state titles in field hockey and soccer.

What will Young miss most as he leaves Skyline? The people.

“I greatly appreciate (former principal) Sulura Jackson hiring me and giving me an opportunity to do something great,” he said. “Cory McElmeel has been a great new principal here and he and I have worked together well. The two SLC principals Alberta Britton and Casey Elmore and I’ve worked closely with eligibility and discipline and all kinds of different things. They’ve all been very supportive of athletics and helping our program not only grow but achieve at a very high level.”

Additionally, Young thanked custodians and grounds crews who helped make athletic events a success. He also expressed gratitude to “the coaches who have worked extremely hard to put this program on the map.”

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  1. John was a pleasure to work with at Skyline, from a parent’s perspective. We all thought he must live at the school, as he appeared to be there all of the time. He did a great job starting up the athletic program at a new high school, especially in light of all of the changes with funding and priorities.

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