Pioneer students claim 5 prizes in documentary film contest

Five groups of Pioneer students were among the winners in C-SPAN’s 2015 StudentCam documentary film contest.

This year’s contest had 2280 total entries, which made it very competitive.  Pioneer has had winners every year its students have entered the contest, and this year—for the third year in a row—Pioneer students won a top prize:

Kayla Johnson-Levy, Micah Johnson-Levy & Nathan Stout are Third Prize winners. They will receive $750.00, and Pioneer will receive $125.00 to purchase digital video equipment.

Kayla Johnson-Levy, Micah Johnson-Levy & Nathan Stout took third place.
Micah Johnson-Levy, Nathan Stout and Kayla Johnson-Levy took third place for their documentary, “Liberty and Justice for ALL.”

The four honorable mention winners are: 1) Darby Hakken, Julia Hines & Maddie Schoeni  2) Halee Mahoney & Grace Erickson  3) Nani Wolf, Hava Kaplan & Patrick Reisterer and  4) Rachel Kryska, Maddie Wilson & Lia Chapman.  Each group will receive $250.00.

The theme of this year’s contest was:  “The Three Branches and You.”  The directions were: Tell a story that demonstrates how a policy, law, or action by either the executive, legislative, or judicial branch has affected you or your community.

Links to the 11th grade students’ videos are below:

Kayla Johnson-Levy, Micah Johnson-Levy & Nathan Stout, “Liberty and Justice for ALL

Darby Hakken, Julia Hines & Maddie Schoeni,  “The Stimulus Package: Rejuvenating Our Water System and Community

Halee Mahoney & Grace Erickson,  “From Service to Disservice 

Nani Wolf, Hava Kaplan & Patrick Reisterer,  “Undetected Youth

Rachel Kryska, Maddie Wilson & Lia Chapman,  “D-Hall


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  1. Also worth mentioning, especially because the topic is schools: Skyline students took second place–from

    “Eli Kirshner, Ricardo Moreno and Arden Siegel, juniors at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Mich., will receive $1,500 for their Second Prize documentary, “Still Left Behind?,” about an inter-community snapshot of the effects of No Child Left Behind. The students’ documentary will air at 6:50 a.m. ET and throughout the day on C-SPAN on April 3, 2015.”

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