Pioneer Men’s Hockey Team thanks teachers, then cruises to 13-5 victory over Monroe

Senior Captain CJ Bradburn and Pioneer High School Principal Tracey Lowder.
Senior Captain CJ Bradburn and Pioneer High School Principal Tracey Lowder.
Deb Kimball and Garrette Helber.
Deb Kimball and Garrette Helber.
Ben Siller with Steve and Nathan Armstong
Ben Siller with Steve and Nathan Armstrong.
The Pioneer High School Hockey Team, with some of their favorite teachers
The Pioneer Men’s Hockey Team, with some of their favorite teachers


The Ann Arbor Ice Cube was the setting Saturday night for a special pre-game celebration of teachers.

During the Pioneer Men’s Hockey Team’s annual Teacher Appreciation Night, each player selected a teacher who inspired, motivated and helped him this year, and said a few words about that teacher as he or she was introduced.

“These teachers represent all of the dedicated faculty and staff who provide a first-rate education to our children, and we want to thank them for their hard work and dedication,” said announcer Duane Newton, father of freshman player Patrick Newton.

Playing in front of an audience of mentors obviously had a positive effect on the team, as Pioneer went on the defeat Monroe by a decisive 13-5. Pioneer improves to 13-5-1 on the season, with the next game tonight at Chelsea. The regular season ends in two weeks, and regional play-offs start the first week in March.

Teacher Appreciation Night highlights:

Senior Captain CJ Bradburn thanked Angela Barricklow, his Spanish teacher, for being “a one-of-a-kind teacher.”

Senior Austin Caryl honored Jodi Bullinger, his psychology teacher, saying: “I want to thank you for being the sweetest teacher at Pioneer. Your class is sick and I wish I could have taken Intro.”

Referring to calculus teacher Susan Washabaugh, senior Max Cocco said: “Mrs. Washabaugh really cares about her students and makes it apparent by giving us a nice curve when the class does badly or spending extra time on a tough subject.”

Senior Karl Gage selected Ed Kulka, who teaches math at Community High, for his “unwavering support these last four years.”

Senior Garrette Helber described Deb Kimball, his accounting teacher, as a great teacher who always brightens his day, and makes him look forward to class. “I want to thank you for being an awesome teacher for my four years at Pioneer,” he said.

Senior Jason Maezes honored science teacher Chuck White, saying: “Mr. White is truly a great teacher and a nice person. Class was fun every day.”

Senior Craig Phillips selected Ted Emch, his computer science teacher. “Mr. Emch is a great teacher and I love his class,” he said. “He is one of the few teachers that I will miss when I go to college.”

Senior Captain William Rudberg recognized Marci Allgeyer, who teaches business technology, thanking her for making third hour enjoyable every day.

Senior Assistant Captain Ben Siller honored Steve Armstrong, a physics teacher and no stranger to Pioneer hockey. Ben thanked him for being a great teacher and being available whenever he needed help.

Junior Jake Booge selected Janet Baublis, who teaches health and wellness, “because her class was awesome and made everyone happy.”

Junior Devon Gallagher recognized Jennifer Harrington, his chemistry teacher, for always being someone he could go to for help.

Junior Mark Hadlock honored math teacher Lisa Snyder, saying: “Ms. Snyder is a great, high energy, enthusiastic teacher. Thanks for making math easy and fun!”

Junior Nathan Heed thanked Pioneer Band Director David Leach for always helping him to live in the moment.

Junior Assistant Captain Ben Packard recognized Ellen Banta, his analysis teacher and a dedicated Pioneer hockey fan. Ben said: “I love talking hockey with Ms. Banta because she actually knows what she’s talking about. She gives off great vibes and is a good teacher to have in the morning.”

Junior Robbie Wright selected Debra Fitzgerald, who teaches English, saying: “Thanks, Ms. Fitzgerald, for making your class an overall fun experience, and I thank you for improving my writing.”

Sophomore Preston Carter honored Brent Richards, his U.S. History teacher, for being a great history teacher and making class fun and interesting every day.

Sophomore Sam Chapman selected Douglas Bernardin, his earth science teacher, for “his funny classical jokes and being a great teacher.”

Freshman Hylan Frassrand recognized Sean Sabo, his English teacher, for improving his writing and making English class fun, and overall, being a great teacher.

Freshman Jack Miling honored biology teacher Gerald Holley for making his class more interesting and always making him laugh.

Freshman Jack Reid selected Peggy Lederer, his Spanish teacher, for being a great teacher and always having a positive attitude.

And finally, freshman Patrick Newton recognized Burnie Stripling, his geometry AC teacher. Patrick said: “I like Mr. Stripling’s class because we always end up talking about the team.”

Ed Kulka and Karl Gage
Ed Kulka and Karl Gage




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  1. What a fun ceremony. I still remember the terrific teachers I had at PiHi, such as Eldon Rouse (math), Randy Peacock (World History), Jean Reynolds (English) and my father in law, Merlin Dasse (chemistry).


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