Logan teacher makes breakfast fun

Eating a healthy breakfast is important –– and it’s pretty easy, too!

Logan Elementary teacher Emily Fairless led her third grade class in an interactive lesson that they won’t soon forget. The students learned about the importance of protein, the effects of too much sugar, breakfast foods to avoid, and a fast and healthy breakfast recipe. (Check out the video above for snippets of her lesson.)

A typical cereal contains a lot of sugar and not much protein, which means kids can feel hungry and sluggish way before lunchtime, Fairless told her class. She brought a box of sugary cereal and had students read the nutrition label, which showed it had 11 grams of sugar and just one gram of protein per 1-cup serving.

A good alternative is a cereal with added protein, such as a specially formulated Special K cereal, which has 10 grams of protein per 3/4-cup serving, along with five grams of fiber.

Another good alternative is an on-the-go omelette, which Fairless’ students made in class.

The recipe is simple: Scramble two eggs in a mug. Add in a stick of string cheese (pulled apart). Microwave for 30-60 seconds or until eggs are set.

The mug makes an easy travel accompaniment –– especially for those of us who tend to eat breakfast in the car en route to work or school. And the recipe can be easily customized with vegetables, salt and pepper.

Logan Principal Terra Webster said Fairless has done some “amazing work on instilling healthy eating in students and staff.” And for Fairless, eating well runs in her family: her sister Katie Farrell is the author and founder of Dashing Dish, whose recipe for Skinny Bean Casserole has been featured on Oprah.com.


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