Jim Stock, head custodian, Haisley Elementary



Jim Stock makes sure Haisley Elementary is safe and clean. Photo by Jo Mathis.
Jim Stock makes sure Haisley Elementary is safe and clean. Photo by Jo Mathis.

Jim Stock was raised in Livona and Hamburg, and attended Pinckney Community Schools. He then attended U.S. Truck Driver Training School in Detroit where he received his Commercial Driver License (CDL), class A. Stock spent the next 32 years working in the automotive and drilling and mining industries.

Last February, Stock became the head custodian at Haisley Elementary as an employee of GCA Services Group.

Principal Kathleen Scarnecchia says Stock daily demonstrates his dedication to the staff, students and families, and holds high standards for safety and cleanliness.

“Jim deserves accolades for his effort to work above and beyond the expectations of our custodian,” she says.  “He is truly a point of pride here at Haisley.”

Stock and his wife of 32 years, who live in Hell, Michigan, have two daughters and three grandchildren. His hobbies are grilling, cooking and collecting vintage vinyl records.

Why did you switch career paths recently to become a custodian? I became a custodian to take a break from hard labor, not realizing some aspects of the job are quite challenging. Custodial work really is not something people think about as being a premier job. However, it is a very important and required part of everyday living. Most people do not realize that schools would have to be shut down after less than a week of improper custodial maintenance.

Describe a typical workday. A typical work day for me begins with unlocking and securing the building, greeting Kathy, our principal, checking the schedule for special events, maintenance request, cleaning my assigned areas, and tackling the surprises that occur in an elementary school. This is one of the most rewarding jobs that people generally overlook. I am proud to be enhancing the community with my services.

You are said to keep high standards for cleanliness and safety at the school. Why is that so important to you?   High standards and safety are important I believe in any job. With schools, we are dealing with our country’s future.

What was the most rewarding experience of the past school year? The most rewarding experience is watching the children excel as the year progresses.

What is the most challenging part of the job? The most challenging part of my job is managing time well so i can address the surprises that go along with being a custodian in an elementary school. Sometimes the job can be very hard physically, with moving of furniture, cabinets. etc., especially during the summer.

What’s great about working at Haisley? Haisley Elementary is a great place to work because of the staff and the students. I feel appreciated and honored to be a part of the team.

As you know, AAPS is emphasizing the value of caring this year. What does that mean to you? Caring to me means that the people who occupy or visit find our school find it sanitary, safe and healthy. I believe it can be a direct reflection upon me.

_ Jo Mathis/AAPS District News





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  1. I work in the lunchroom at Haisley and Jim is always smiling and willing to help us in any way he can! You are #1 in my book, Jim.

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