Important GED deadline coming soon

Adult Ed Graduation Ceremony June 2012
Sharman Spieser, director of the Adult Education program, shakes hands with a graduate in June 2012.

By Tara Cavanaugh

Those hoping to earn their GED high school equivalency certificates need to act fast. The current GED test expires at the end of this year, said Sharman Spieser, director of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Adult Education program. Anyone interested in earning his/her GED should register by Monday, Feb. 11.

GED Registration is taking place every Monday (except Jan 21, when schools are closed for MLK Day) at Ann Arbor Tech High School from 4:30 to 6:30 pm. Please arrive on time and bring your driver’s license or state ID. Classes are free and adults 18 and older are eligible, whether or not they reside in the school district.

The GED test is comprised of separate tests in the subjects of math, reading, social studies, science and writing. Students spread out the tests and retake them if needed while in the GED class. But next year’s new GED test takes effect January 2014. This means that current GED students must pass all of their tests by December 2013. After that, students will need to start over again with the new series of tests. 

The new tests will be online only and will cost more for the Adult Ed program. The program currently covers the costs of the test, but might not be able to cover the increased cost of the new test. Spieser is hoping to not pass those costs onto students.

Spieser stresses the importance of the Feb. 11 deadline, because earning a GED demands a substantial time commitment. Starting class now gives students time to review materials they already know, and to learn new skills for the test. The Adult Ed program assesses students, provides many opportunities to take classes, offers practice tests and gives students one-on-one attention.

For more information, check out the program’s website or call (734) 997-1250.

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