District’s new data assessment system is a hit with teachers

Results are instantaneous and data can be used right away

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News

These Scarlett Middle School students were among the first in the district to use Illuminate.

Ann Arbor Public Schools has implemented a new data assessment system that allows teachers to quickly determine students’ progress in class.

Illuminate is an assessment system that warehouses data and allows teachers to deliver assessments. Illuminate replaces DataDirector and can be customized so teachers get the information they need to make decisions about their instruction.

“Illuminate allows students to take tests online for regular formative assessment work in the classrooms so that teachers can conduct better instruction with timely data to drive grouping and identify areas the need reteaching,” says Merri Lynn Colligan, executive director of Technology & Information Services for AAPS.

Students can log onto Illuminate from any device such as laptops, mobile phones, or use bubble sheets and scan them on the classroom LadiBug Document cameras.

Teachers can then quickly access that data and—if warranted—make adjustments to their lesson plans.

Scarlett Middle School teachers recently used Illuminate, with positive results.

“Our teachers have been super positive about using Illuminate with a series of Word Generation tests that we just recently gave, and how it’s able to give feedback in more of an immediate fashion for them,” said Scarlett Middle School Principal Gerald Vazquez. “As it relates to having a tool teachers feel comfortable with, at this juncture, Illuminate seems to be a very positive move for us.”

“I can’t wait to continue to use online assessments in Illuminate to accompany my teaching,” says Scarlett English teacher Connie Ray. “The results are instantaneous and I can use the data right away to inform my next steps with instruction.”


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