Computer donation helps families in need

Abbot Principal Pam Sica with JD Retzler.
Abbot Principal Pam Sica with JD Retzler.

Oct. 18, 2013

By Tara Cavanaugh

JD Retzer is something of a technology whiz –– he has been programming computers since he was in the third grade.

He’s taken his talent and decided to make a unique donation of fixed-up computers to AAPS families in need.

As part of his Eagle Scout service project, JD donated a total of 12 computers between Abbot, Pittsfield, Eberwhite, Pioneer and Community this week. The refurbished machines are outfitted with office and antivirus software as well as a web browser.

“So when the families get them, they can plug them in and the computers are all ready to go,” the 17-year-old said.

JD’s mother, Debbie Retzer, is proud of her son. “He saw that a lot of people threw away computers. They were working computers, they just weren’t the newest thing, and they maybe had some parts that weren’t working,” she said. “It was pretty easy for him to refurbish them and make them useful for somebody who wouldn’t otherwise have a computer.”

After making his project known to the local tech community, JD received an anonymous donation of 12 Windows XP licenses on his doorstep. Those licenses enabled him to install the operating software on the 12 computers he gave to AAPS families.

“We know not all families have their own computers at home,” said Abbot Principal Pam Sica. “We really appreciate this donation. We have families who will definitely benefit from JD’s thoughtfulness.”

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  1. Mr. Retzler, thank you for sharing your time and talents with your community. You have truly made a positive difference for not only children, but for many families. I commend your mother for her hard work as well. You keep doing things like this and she will always be proud of you! Thank you and may you have a good rest of the year.
    Michael Johnson
    Principal & Chief Learner
    Lakewood Elementary School
    Ann Arbor Public Schools

  2. Great job JD! This is an amazing gift that you’ve blessed these families with. Not just a gift of a computer (which I’m sure is greatly appreciated!) but rather the gift of being able to do their homework, write a resume or keep track of their home budget without going to the library or a friend’s house. These are things that many of us take for granted. I commend you for using your talents to bless others.

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