Bryant Elementary presents The Nutcracker

name adjusts his mustache.
Dayvien and the Russian dancers get ready to go on stage.


If you think Peter Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” is perhaps a bit too ambitious for a bunch of first graders, then you haven’t met Bryant Elementary’s first grade teacher Son Mi Lim or music teacher Kelly Krohn.

The two worked together on “The Nutcracker” as part of the students’ humanities class.

Lim incorporated themes from The Nutcracker into all aspects of the curriculum, including reading, writing and math.

Two performances at the school on Tuesday were a hit with the audiences.

To see videos of the performance, go to the Bryant Elementary Music Blog at <



Spencer, Dayvien, Riley, Sophia, Emma and Luke await their turn to perform.

Mazin and Keira travel in their sleigh to the Land of Sweets.
Mazin and Keira travel in their sleigh to the Land of Sweets.


 Dream and  are among the talented first graders.
Matthew, Dream and Shyla are among the talented first graders.


name was Clara.
Keira plays Clara in the classic ballet.




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  1. I really enjoyed the Nutcracker Performance! The teachers were very ambitious!! The Kids were wonderful!!!! All of the kids had a part and were very proud of their accomplishments!! And then to think you are a K-2 school is amazing!! It was an award winning performance!! Thank you!

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