AAPS teacher Jonathan Royce authors children’s book

Roberto Clemente teacher Jonathan Royce shows off his debut children's book.
Roberto Clemente teacher Jonathan Royce shows off his debut children’s book.

By Tara Cavanaugh

Roberto Clemente High School English teacher Jonathan Royce’s debut children’s book, “Detective Dwayne Drake and the Alphabet Thief,” is a tale that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Especially the adults.

“As a parent, you can only read something so many times before you start going crazy,” said Royce, a father of six. “So I wrote it like this in hopes that when parents read it to their kids, it’s something they can go through more than two times without being bored. It actually tells a story as it’s going through all the different letters.”

Royce said the story was also influenced by his struggles with dyslexia and ADD.

“For me, I need to see things over and over again,” he said. “And most people need to see things more than once in order to learn.” The book repeats letters and sounds for its readers, helping them remember the alphabet.

Signed copies of the book may be purchased by contacting Royce through Facebook or his website.

Royce, who also models, coaches college track and is studying for his master’s degree, plans to continue the Detective Dwayne Drake series with his next book, “The Case of the Mathematical Misfits,” which helps readers learn numbers one through ten.


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  1. Jonathan this is great. I look forward to getting my copy and reading it to the 4th graders I am working with at GoLightly School in Detroit.

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