AAPS Updates


Students at all three Ann Arbor comprehensive high schools are in their second year of the Rising Scholars program, a partnership with U-M’s Center for Educational Outreach. It targets bright students with extra support to encourage them to excel, take advanced classes and attend college.

One of the most established parent groups in the Ann Arbor Public Schools is the Black Parents’ Student Support Group, which offers parents and students in Ann Arbor’s African-American community a network of support an a safe place to share concerns.

Event will honor or benefit three members of the Bryant/Pattengill school community: Deb Horn, wife of Pattengill teacher Doug Horn; Sofia Robinson, a Tappan Middle School sixth-grader; and Frank Porta, husband of Dori Porta, a teacher clerk at Bryant.

The Feb. 4-5 and Feb. 10-12 performances at Tappan Middle School include a cast of 170 community members, including 100 Burns Park Elementary students. Proceeds of the annual production benefit students in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Twenty one students looking for an extra challenge get just that this fall. They worked hard and were rewarded with awards for ‘gracious professionalism” and robot-to-robot competition during a regional event in Monroe.

WITH VIDEO: Logan Elementary School community came out in force with its first “Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive,” bringing in 134 pairs of new pajamas that were each paired with a children’s book and donated to the Community Action Network.

Two sets of siblings from Community High School and a teacher share their thoughts about living as a twin. Although people often confuse she and her sister, it doesn’t bother Sophia Kunselman. “I don’t really blame them because telling twins apart can be difficult, it doesn’t come easily,” she said.

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