Yee-haw! Haisley staff lets students know they're missed via virtual dance party

Haisley staff boogie to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up”

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

Haisley first grade teacher Ashley Wight was thinking of a new way to make her students smile when she recalled how much fun they used to have dancing together to Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” during “brain breaks.”

She knew that would be the perfect way to make the entire Haisley community smile.

What would make it even better? How about an opening sequence caught on a drone flying over Haisley?

“My boyfriend Dan Finnigan is a very talented drone operator and has done many great videos himself,” she says. “We went to Haisley on a weekday during school hours and the playground was completely empty. It was such a powerful moment for me to see that, and I wanted to capture this moment in time.

Haisley teachers got their families in on the virtual dance party.

Wight estimates that gathering all of the videos, editing and putting it all together took at least 15 hours at the computer. She couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

“Every time I watch it, it makes me smile,” she says. “I think it is such an important showing of connectedness and community to see all of us coming together to dance and be happy. To see so many of my colleagues dancing and being joyful during this time has lifted my spirits tremendously. I hope it does the same for our community.¬†

“This was a labor of love, love being the keyword. I am so thankful to everyone who contributed to the video and I hope that it makes everyone smile.”

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