Thurston Chess Tournament draws 95 students from southeastern Michigan

Ezra Min, a third grader at Bach Elementary, was a third-place winner.

Ninety-five students from 25 southeastern Michigan schools and five home schools participated in Thurston Elementary’s 12th Annual Chess Tournament over the weekend.

The tournament, organized by the Thurston PTO, included beginner sections for novice players as well as a rated section for those with tournament experience.

The winners were:

A:  Co-champions with 4 points each: Arjun Bajaj, 4th grade, Go Like the Wind, and James Xiu, 7th grade, Clague Middle School.

Tied for third place with 3 points each:

         Sid Jha, Greenhills School
        Alexander Boyd, Bach Elementary
        Benjamin Zhang, Clague Middle School   
        Corin Tang, Homeschool
        Tony Varkey, King Elementary
        Ezra Min, Bach Elementary
        Graham Baker, Thurston Elementary  
    One Medal for 2.5 points: Jesse Newpol, Daycroft Montessori
B:  Jason Chen, perfect 5 points, King Elementary
    Zakary Kindrick, 2nd place, 4 points, Thurston Elementary
    David Lee, 3rd place, 3.5 points, Lawton Elementary
    5 winners for 3 points:
        Harry Strothman, Honeycreek Community School
        Joseph Williams, Lakewood Elementary
        Thomas Manley, school unknown   
        Justin Hu, Lawton Elementary
        Nicholas Benzie, Navigator Pinckney
 C (First Grade):
    Oliver Morgan, perfect 4 points, Daycroft Montessori
    Tied for second place with 3 points: Maya Thornton, Summers-Knoll and NiHal Narisetty, school unknown.
C (Kindergarten):
    Xander Zhang, first place. 3.5 out of 4 points, Lawton Elementary
    Tied for second with 3 points were Ellie Min, Summers-Knoll,  and Ryan Lorenz, Go Like the Wind
    Elijah Morrow of Angell Elementary  earned a medal for 2.5 points
D (Second Grade):
    Yaseen Houwari, first place, 3.5 out of 4, King Elementary
    Edward Zhang, 2nd place with 3 points, Thurston Elementary
  Earning medals for 2.5 points each:
        Benjamin Mendez, Summers-Knoll
        Kesang Gawa, Lawton Elementary
        Nathan  Pacania, Thurston Elementary
        Claire Wang, King Elementary
E (Third-Fifth grades)
    Caleb Lorenz, first place, 3.5 out of 4,  Go Like the Wind
    Ganesh Palaniappan, 3 out of 4, 2nd place, Logan Elementary
    Eric Zhu, 3 out of 4, 3rd place, Lawton Elementary
    (2) medal winners with 2.5
        Soi Oguni, King Elementary
        Alexander Moskus, Thurston Elementary

Local chess teacher, Ray Garrison, the chief tournament director, teaches beginner to advanced chess classes through Rec & Ed at many of the Ann Arbor elementary schools.


Anthony Varkey, a King Elementary student, studies his next move.
In the foreground, Thurston Elementary students William Harris (left) and Ethan Kelly (right) compete in the tournament.
Ayden Le, a Lakewood Elementary student, is deep in thought.


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