The Most Boring Workshop in the World– 826michigan this week

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The Most Boring Workshop in the World
Taught by Anna Sheaffer
Ages: 10-12, 15 students
Thursday, February 14, 6-7:30pm (one session)

Do you like to watch mold grow? Is clipping your toenails your idea of a good time? How about watching paint dry? Then this is the workshop for you. Please dress entirely in brown. Bring your own dictionaries to read. There will be no talking. Also, no smiling. Asparagus will be provided.

Wait a minute — I’m joking! But the fact is, most of us get bored sometimes. Even Bigfoot gets bored of having to make blurry spots in people’s vacation photos and Superman gets bored of darning the runs in his super-tights. All. The. Time. If you’ve ever gotten bored, come to this Anti-Boring Training Session and learn some cool writing games and tricks to banish boredom like a pro. Maybe we won’t come up with a boring vaccine or win the Nobel Boring Prize or develop a theory of the time-boring continuum, but we definitely won’t be bored. Register here:

Anna Sheaffer is a world-renowned expert on all things boring. After many years studying the most boring things – including every known shade of beige – she is ready to present her findings for your consideration and critique.


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