Students & their families receive the COVID vaccine at Huron High School

Teens say they want to help build herd immunity & stay as safe as possible

AAPS nurse Sharon Jakob administers the Pfizer vaccine to Skyline junior Bradley Lorenz.

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

On his 16th birthday, Lucius Webster spent his 16th birthday opening a new Fender guitar, enjoying shrimp carbonara. And happily getting a shot in his arm.

“I got my shot today because I wanted to protect people around me and be as safe as possible,” he said.

The Huron High School cafeteria was the setting for the Pfizer COVID vaccine clinic April 29. Co-sponsored with the Washtenaw County Health Department, 14 AAPS school nurses were positioned at tables and other stations throughout the cafeteria to ensure a smooth, expedient process of administering about 200 vaccines.

“I’m excited because this is going to make our community healthier and safer,” said Ann Burdick, Huron’s school nurse. “It’s going to make that person healthier by protecting their health, and it’s going to make it safer for everyone else.”

AAPS school nurse Keely Hoffman was about to work at the Huron High School COVID clinic.

“I wanted to come today because I know that we have to get a certain number of people vaccinated to get the infection rate for COVID 19 lower,” said Skyline junior Bradley Lorenz. “I know that I’m a single individual person but I know that even a single person can contribute to the number of people who are getting vaccinated and can make this thing go away. Because it’s been a hard year for me and for everybody else.”

Huron High School school nurse Ann Burdick administers the Pfizer COVID vaccine to Lucius Webster on his 16th birthday.

The district was happy to provide a convenient opportunity for AAPS students 16 and older, families, staff and the community to get vaccinated, said Jenna Bacolor, executive director of AAPS’ community division.

“It was wonderful to see so many AAPS students and parents take advantage of this vaccine clinic,” she said. “Our AAPS school nurses and health specialists provided most of the staffing for this Washtenaw County Health Department vaccine clinic.” 

Destiny Lewis holds the hand of her son, Russell Stafford-Parr, a Skyline junior, as he gets his COVID shot.

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