Slauson Science Olympiad team places 14th of 60 teams in 2019 Science Olympiad National Tournament at Cornell University

The Slauson Science Olympiad team competed at the 2019 Science Olympian National Tournament at Cornell University on June 1, placing an impressive 14th of 60 teams.
Slauson teams won medals in two of the 23 events by placing in the top six. Overall, Slauson placed within the top 20 teams in 15 of the 23 events.
The event placements were: First place: Battery Buggy (Sonia Walter and Karthik Vangavolu); Sixth place: Roller Coaster (Oskar Hanson and Alain Zhou); Seventh place: Road Scholar (Charlie Peterson and Kai Sylvester); Ninth place: Anatomy and Physiology (Avi Patel and Bavani Vijay); Water Quality (Max Janevic and Walter); Write It Do It (Sylvester and Antony Williams); 11th place: Density Lab (Hanson and Liana Veerasamy); 13th place: Circuit Lab (Patel and Hanson); 14th place: Disease Detectives (Ire Odetola and Patel); Game On (Sophia Wang and Zhou); Thermodynamics (B. Vijay and Veerasamy); 15th place: Boomilever (Odetola and Peterson); 18th place: Herpetology (Janevic and Sylvester); 20th place: Crime Busters (B. Vijay and Wang); Heredity (Ashley Kou and Janevic); 21st place: Solar System (Hanson and Sylvester); 23rd place: Experimental Design (Janevic, Sakthi Vijay, and Walter); 25th place: Mystery Architecture (Odetola and Williams); 27th place: Potions & Poisons (Kou and S. Vijay); 28th place: Dynamic Planet (S. Vijay and Wang); 32nd place: Fossils (Kou and Peterson); 34th place: Meteorology (S. Vijay and Vangavolu); 45th place: Elastic Launched Glider (Williams and Zhou).
This was Slauson’s second year in a row to qualify for the national tournament. Last year, the team placed 15th. Prior to that, the last time Slauson had qualified for the National Tournament was 1992.

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