Slauson and Clague students excel at State Science Olympiad Tournament

More than 200 Division B schools in Michigan competed in 23 events at their regional tournaments before 60 of those schools qualified for the annual Michigan Science Olympiad State Tournament April 29 at Michigan State University.

The three schools that earned invitations to the MSO State Tournament from our region were Slauson Middle School, Clague Middle School, and South Arbor Charter Academy.

Slauson placed fourth in the Middle School Division.

The Slauson team poses for a group photograph. Photo by Marc Klinger.

After attending many practice Invitationals in 2017, Slauson was primed to once again on March 25 to win the Regional 9 Tournament at Hillsdale College, finishing the day with an overall team score of 49 points, ahead of second-place team Clague (80 points), and third place team South Arbor Charter (106 points).

Slauson Middle School ended its season with an impressive fourth place finish at the 2017 Michigan State Tournament with a score of 238 points behind Michigan Science Olympiad Division B powerhouses Meads Mill (116 points), Baker (209 points), and Smith (230 points). This year at the state tournament, medals were award to the top eight schools for each of the 23 competition events. The Slauson team events that earned medals at States were:

Anatomy & Physiology (1st Place): Sriram Garapati and Linda Yang

Crime Busters (2nd Place): Anna Klinger and Deeya Shetty

Disease Detectives (1st Place): Haesue Baik and Sriram Garapati

Dynamic Planet (2nd Place): Sarah Baybeck and Tushaar Kapoor

Hovercraft (1st Place): Aditya Bapat and Sriram Garapati

Invasive Species (2nd Place): Ananyaa Asthana and Anna Klinger

Meteorology (4th Place): Katy Bajcz and Linda Yang

Mission Possible (2nd Place): Aditya Bapat and Erik Hanson

Reach for the Stars (5th Place): Sriram Garapati and Avi Patel

Rocks & Minerals (2nd Place): Sriram Garapati and Anna Klinger

Towers (2nd Place): Haesue Baik and Erik Hanson

Wind Power (6th Place): Katy Bajcz and Akshith Pulgam

Honorable Mention: Aditi Ganesan, Simon Hood, Aayana Anand, and Liana Veerasamy


The Clague Science Olympiad Team poses for a photograph.

Clague Science Olympiad attended three invitational tournaments this year, where at Holt they finished second to the 2016 national champions, Daniel Wright Junior High School from Illinois. Then, at the Regional Tournament, Clague finished second to Slauson, and came home from Regionals with first place medals for Experimental Design, Food Science, Invasive Species, Microbe Mission, and Optics; a second place medal for Rocks & Minerals; and third place medals for Anatomy & Physiology, Crime Busters, Ecology, Fast Facts, Meteorology, Reach for the Stars, and Wright Stuff.

At the MSO State Tournament, Clague ranked 20th and earned medals in the following team events:

First place: Ecology (Benjamin Pollitz, Aakarsh Verma); Third place: Meteorology (Benjamin Pollitz, Timothy); Fifth place: Crime Busters (Heidi Miao, Natalie Mycek-Card); Sixth place: Reach for the Stars (Timothy, Aakarsh Verma).

Other Clague team events that placed at States were:

Anatomy & Physiology (Varun Krishna), Bottle Rocket (Neela, Crystal Wu), Disease Detectives (Varun Krishna, Natalie Mycek-Card), Dynamic Planet (Eileen Su, Angie Zhou), Experimental Design (A. G., Anon., Benjamin Pollitz), Fast Facts (A. G., Neela), Food Science (Heidi Miao, Natalie Mycek-Card), Hovercraft (Eileen Su), Invasive Species (A. G., Angie Zhou), Microbe Mission (Varun Krishna), Mission Possible (A. G., Anon.), Optics (Anon., Aakarsh Verma), Road Scholar (Anon., Aakarsh Verma), Rocks & Minerals (Timothy, Benjamin Pollitz), Scrambler (Eileen Su, Neela), Towers (A. G., Angie Zhou), Wind Power (Divija Chandupatla, Neela), Wright Stuff (Benjamin Pollitz, Timothy), and Write It, Do It (A. G., Angie Zhou).

Clague Science Olympiad Coach thanks Principal Che Carter, office professional Laura Hannaford and science teacher Soon Morningstar for all their support this year, as well as the Clague PTSO and the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop for their financial support.


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