Skyline Senior Spotlight shines light on bright students

Each year, the senior class votes to recognize classmates with the Senior Spotlight Awards

Gabriel Hill and Elle Meyers Embrace After Being Nominated for “Most Likely to Win an Oscar.” Credit: Jaeden Klassen

The Skyline Post features this annual tradition honoring graduates

By Phoebe Spadafore
Skyline High School freshman and journalist with The Skyline Post

High school is a significant time in a student’s life where we form experiences, practice for growth, and work hard.  Each year, the senior class votes to recognize classmates with the Senior Spotlight Awards..  

Every year these categories are created by Senior Representatives on the Student Action Senate (SAS), working from the lists from previous years, keeping some awards and creating new ones. 

We are proud to introduce you to the Senior Spotlight Awards!  {Note: these seniors’ post-secondary plans are described only when that information was shared.]

Class Prankster  

The winners of Class Prankster are Hasan Alsameri and Rosbel Lebron. Hassan will be going to EMU as a biology major. He hopes to go to medical or dental school afterwards. Rosbel plans to go to University of Michigan’s The Ross School of Business Administration. This award shows that even in the hardest times of high school, you could count on these two for a good laugh.

Class Besties

The winners of Class Besties are Grace Hetrick and Aurora Brater. This award shows that these two will always have each other’s backs. Grace Htetrick will be going to Emory University in Atlanta to study Neuroscience. Aurora Brater will be attending UCLA and is undeclared on what she will be studying yet. 

Most Likely to Win a Grammy

The winners of this award are Aaric Blackwell and Mark Zhu. These two people are very talented, hard working musicians and we can’t wait to see all they accomplish in life.  These two talents will attend Morehouse College and University of Michigan, respectively.

Best Smile

The winners of this award are Rachel Wei, Autumn Gorman and James Falahee. We are sad to see these amazing smiles that brighten our day leaving Skyline. Rachel will be attending the University of Michigan to study biology on a pre-med track.  James will be attending Hope University to study engineering. Autumn plans to attend the Frederik Meijer Honors college at Grand Valley State University and major in neuroscience on a pre-med track. 

Most Likely to Nap in Class

Most Likely to Nap in Class was won by Aliya Alam and Daniel Jung. This award is a unique compliment; being successful students even while falling asleep in class proves how hard they work.  Aliya plans to attend Boston College to major in nursing.          

Best Dancer

The winners of Best Dancer include Chloe Hyatt, Krystal Henderson, and Riya Sani. These students are very talented and we are looking forward to seeing them up on stage. Chloe will be attending Elon University with a major in special education and minor in dance.  Riya’s plans are to major in politics at Scripps college. 

Most Likely to Secretly Be a Superhero

Most Likely to Secretly be a Superhero was awarded to Lance Caswell and Lewis McCammon. This award is a testament to their kindness. Lance will be attending Duke University to major in political science. Lewis will be enrolling at Dartmouth college in New Hampshire, with a potential Major in Biological Sciences. 

Most Likely to Become a Billionaire

Willow Hayner and Jane Ryu are the winners of Most Likely to Become a Billionaire. These two students are very business savvy and we cannot wait to see how they use their skills in the future. Willow plans to attend Kalamazoo college with a major in biology and possible studio art minor.  

Most Likely to be the President

Most Likely to be the President was won by Isaac Mack. This award proves that Mack is a natural leader and we’ll miss him very much at Skyline – and at The Skyline Post, in particular!  Isaac will be attending the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Administration.

Biggest Glow Up

Kotaro Hayami and Olivia Palmbos won the award for Biggest Glow up. The Skyline Post has always been quite sure that our staff members Ko and Liv have been beautiful human beings for a long time, but we’re glad the rest of the school has noticed.  Ko will be attending the University of Michigan. Liv plans on attending Clavin University to double major in Spanish and sociology. 

Most Likely to Win Oscar 

Gabe Hill, Elyse Myers! These two students are multi talented performers and we hope to see them one day on the big screen.  Gabe will attend Baldwin Wallace University and major in Music Theatre with an emphasis on Composition and a minor in Media Production. Elyse plans to attend Kalamazoo College and major in Creative Writing and International communications with a Korean language focus.

Most Likely to Win Olympic Gold

Gretel Ham, Harper Muray, Caroline Vance!  The Skyline student body is very sad to see these incredible athletes leave, but also are very excited to see their success in college. Caroline will be attending the University of Michigan to study public health, running in their track and cross country teams. Gretel Ham will also be going to the University of Michigan where she will be on the rowing team and plans to major in Political Science. Harper has graduated early and is currently studying and playing volleyball at the University of Nebraska. 

Best Laugh 

Zara Abston, Juliana La Marca!  These laughs brightened so many peoples’ days throughout their time at Skyline and we will miss them. Zara will be attending Loyola University in Chicago and majoring in Environmental Science: Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture through the honors college.   Juliana’s plan is to attend Hope College to double major in business and economics 

Involved with Most Clubs 

Anish Pacha, Fiona Shangguan! These students are stand-outs when it comes to extracurricular activities. Anish will attend Georgetown University, majoring in international political economics and minoring in philosophy. Fiona plans to attend MIT and major in Materials Science and Engineering with a minor in piano performance.


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Most Likely to Save the Environment 

Avivah Mitchel, Michael Mychaliska!  This honor was awarded to these two students due to their hard work to improve our world. The Post is particularly proud of Michael’s first place win in the State of Michigan’s Interscholastic Press Association for environmental news reporting. Avivah plans on studying education or social sciences at the Honors College at Wayne State University. 

Most Artistic 

Sherly Nava-Quintero and Sky Roberts!  These two have proven to be extremely talented artists and we hope to see their work appreciated everywhere. Sherly Nava-Quintero plans to attend art school in Savannah Georgia her sophomore year of college. She hopes to be an animator for a studio some day. Sky will Plan to attend University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design. 

Most Sky School Spirit 

Cassie Liske, Tim Hewko! Whenever these students are at a sports event they are always the loudest to cheer. We hope to see their intense spirit continue in college. Tim is taking a gap year to play hockey: learn more about his hockey career in The Post’s gap year feature.  Cassie will plan on attending Michigan state majoring in political science minoring in psychology 

Most Likely to Return to Skyline as a Teacher

Emily Greene, Val Von Rute! Emily will be going to University of Michigan majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in American Sign Language. Val will be going to the University Of Michigan to study international relations and public policy with a minor in French. 

Most Fashionable

McKenzie Browning, Rich Digue and Waleska Martinez! As we watch these students walk past in the halls, everyone is amazed by their outfits. This award is an honor and we look forward to continuing to see their outfits on social media.  Mckenzie will be attending Hampton University. She plans on becoming a Marine biologist and earning her PhD. Rich Digue will be going to University of Michigan on a full scholarship. He hopes later in life to start his own fashion line, it’s been a long time goal of his. He wants his own brand that mixes in the features of afro-featurism and other cultures. The main goal he would like to have with his fashion would be destabilizing sweatshops in all of Africa. Waleska Martinez will be attending the University of Wisconsins she will be studying business and hopefully doing international business as well as that and she will be studying abroad. 

Best Personality 

Diego Del Rio, Valentina La Marca, Laleh Walker! These students have been such a joy to have at Skyline, being kind, intelligent and funny. We wish the best of luck to Laleh at Eastern Michigan to major in business, specifically marketing with a possible minor in communications.  Diego plans on majoring in Chemical-Biological Engineering and minoring in Applied International Studies at MIT. Valentina will be going to Case Western.   

Julia Sitz Accepts Award After Being Nominated for “Senioritis” with Nola Roth. Credit: Jaeden Klassen

Worst Case of Senioritis 

Nola Roth and Julia Sitz!  Despite the intense competition for this award among members of the class of 2023, Nola And Julia prevailed and also managed to achieve great plans for next year: Nola plans to attend the University of Michigan to major in Biology. Julia will be going to Kalamazoo college to major in psychology.  

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