Skyline High School Theatre to present “Blue Stockings” this weekend

Tickets are available online at

Front row, Left to right: Maeve (Celia Lyon), Carolyn (Lily Stewart), Tess (Olivia Palmbos), and Celia (Lexi Meyer) are students at Girton College in 1890, fighting for their right to earn a degree.

Skyline High School’s theater program will continue the 2022-2023 season with performances of the play “Blue Stockings” on April 28-30.

The play is directed by Skyline High School Theatre Director Anne-Marie Roberts and features the talents of many Skyline students both onstage and behind the scenes.

Set in 1896 at England’s Girton College Cambridge, the first school open to female university students, the audience is met with four girls: Tess, Maeve, Celia, and Carolyn, who made the courageous decision to pursue education in the Victorian period. They are ‘blue stockings’—unnatural, educated women, stemming from different backgrounds but brought together by the determination to fight for their right to graduate.

Eleanor Wing, Olivia Palmbos, and Huck Amick in a scene from Blue Stockings.

The play by Jessica Swale was produced in London at the National Theatre Studio and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2012, followed by London’s Globe Theatre in 2013.

Performances are April 28-30 in Skyline’s auditorium. Tickets are available online at

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