Red carpet treatment: Logan ‘Oscars’ laud students for being team players

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logan oscars
Students got the "red carpet treatment" before entering the room to receive awards and thank each other for teamwork throughout the year.

Logan Elementary School teacher Emily Fairless took her third-graders on a special end-of-year trip – down the red carpet and into a special evening of Oscar awards during a recent assembly with students and families.

Oscar Night took place on June 1, an activity that Fairless created to celebrate all of her students’ successes. Students and their families were invited to select a pair of colorful sunglasses, which they could wear while coming down a red carpet, flanked by stars with student hand prints to each side.

Families enjoyed dinner and the awards ceremony, for which students voted on each others Oscar awards, giving multiple awards in five categories: Helping Hands, Best Listener, Most Improved, Above & Beyond, and Team Player.

Third-grader Ananya told the group that the awards were “a way of appreciating each other. A lot of times, we don’t notice the little things people do that I think are pretty big.”

Fairless told the parents that her students had a great year and this was a way for them to honor each other. “It was creating that intensive motivation for these students,” she said. “All of these things were accomplished and more.”

logan oscars
Students voted for which classmates should get awards in five different categories.

Fairless did an Oscar Night last year when she worked as a long-term sub in a fifth-grade at Logan. She said she decided to do it again with her own third-graders this year.

“The purpose was to totally create a team,” she said. “I really wanted these kids to feel like celebrities.”

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