New World Language Initiatives for AAPS Students


One of the clear initiatives that came out of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Listen and Learn tour is the desire by parents, students and staff for enhanced World Language offerings starting in elementary school through 12th grade.

This desire fits very well with the mission of Ann Arbor Public Schools to ensure that all students have access to a “world-class education system of innovative teaching and learning.”

AAPS is pleased to introduce the 2014-2015 plan for the World Language enhancements beginning this next school year.

The new World Language offerings, Chinese and Arabic, will be taught by fully certificated teachers and built around a Kindergarten through 12th grade corridor of schools so that students have similar language opportunities to build their skills over 13 years, if they desire.

These new World Languages will be added to the current language options offered at the elementary, middle and high schools.  A2LP – the Spanish language partnership with the University of Michigan, will continue to be offered at the elementary schools. World Languages at the International Baccalaureate program will be taught by certificated teachers.

The new language courses will be offered at the following schools:

Arabic Chinese Spanish





Tappan (15/16 school year)




Northside STEAM




Pioneer (via distant-learning)





Northside STEAM

Pathways to Success



In addition, Pathways to Success Academic Campus (at Stone School) will offer American Sign Language along with Spanish.

Ann Arbor Open campus will continue to offer Spanish.

Visit this interesting link from the Gizmodo website that presents a state-by-state representation of the most common languages spoken.

With these new World Language enhancements, our students are now benefitting from a wider selection of languages that extend across K-12 and developing competencies for succeeding in a global marketplace.



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