Just in time for National Reading Month, Tappan becomes the latest AAPS school to offer a Little Free Library

District-wide digital library is now available for all AAPS students & staff

Tappan’s new Little Free Library lets the community share books.

Tappan Librarian Kyle Kipp gives thumbs up to the new Little Free Library

Tappan Middle School now has a Little Free Library of its own.

The Little Free Library organization is the world’s largest book-sharing movement; “building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all.”

Tappan families and staff are welcome to give and take free books from the library at any time, and I will ensure that the structure is well stocked. 

Tappan Librarian Kyle Kipp started the project two years ago with the financial help of the PTSO.  The library was set to be installed in the spring of 2020, but due to the pandemic, was put on hold until now.  He thanks Tappan parent, Dan Hamalainan, for building the structure, and the AAPS facilities crew for installing it in front of the building. 

Click here for more information on the Little Free Library program.

AAPS presents Sora

What is our new Y5-12 District-Wide Digital Library?

Sora is our district-wide independent reading digital library for all Y5-12 grade students and staff. It contains ebooks and audiobooks that can be borrowed by AAPS Google account users. Students may also have a title assigned to them for their curricular needs.

How do I access and use Sora?

AAPS elementary students have received instruction on how to access and use Sora from their school librarian. Secondary students may receive this instruction from their school librarian or from their English teacher. There are multiple ways to access Sora. Here is a link to a resource that explains how to access and use Sora on district Chromebooks and iPads. Here are the possible ways to access Sora:

  • Go to the Google Waffle in a new Chrome tab  
  • Go to https://soraapp.com/library/aapsmi
  • Go to the Elementary/Middle/High School Resource Portals in Schoology
  • Go to the Sora Schoology app in the left-hand menu of any Schoology Course
  • Go to the Sora app on a district iPad
  • Download the FREE app to your phone or tablet

How many books can students borrow in Sora?

All students can borrow TWO eBooks or audiobooks at a time. If users connect their account to the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (through the Ann Arbor District Library), they can borrow another 15 titles!

Why sample a book before borrowing it?

Please sample a book before choosing to borrow it. Users can sample as many books or audiobooks as they like! Sampling does not impact the book borrowing limit. It also preserves checkouts for a specific book for students that really want to read it.

How long is the loan or borrowing period?

Ann Arbor Public Schools Sora books are checked out for 28 days. They are automatically returned at the end of that time. A book can be renewed within 3 days of its due date, unless there is a hold on the book. Then a user will need to place a hold and get back in line to borrow it out again. Most books can be returned early. Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (through the Ann Arbor District Library) books have a 14 day loan period.

Can a book be put on hold?

Yes. Users can put one book on hold. When the hold is available, the user will see a red dot on the notification bell in their Sora portal. Sora does not send emails when a hold is available.

Little Free Libraries are located outside many AAPS schools, and many schools keep shelves of free books inside, as well.

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