Huron Principal Dr. Arthur Williams Says Goodbye…


After 19 years of dedicated service to the Ann Arbor Public Schools as principal of Huron High School, Dr. Arthur Williams is retiring.

His outstanding leadership and commitment to Huron High School students and staff and to the Ann Arbor community will be missed. Under Dr. Williams’ leadership Huron High Schools has been established as one of the finest high schools in the nation!  His leadership ensured that all Huron High students had the means to succeed in high school and true concern for the welfare of the whole student.

He will be remembered for many of his leadership accomplishments at Huron and his contributions to the entire Ann Arbor Public School district. Huron’s halls will still ring out with his words…”Make it a great day, or not, the choice is yours.”


We interviewed Dr. Williams who shared his accomplishments and the legacy he will leave at Huron! Go Rats!!

AAPSNews:  Can you give a little history as to when you came to Huron and where you worked before becoming a River Rat?

Dr. Williams:  I am a native of Chicago with forty-six years of experience as a secondary educator. I began my career in 1968 as a social studies teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. I have worked in five states and seven school districts (Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan). I have served as a classroom teacher, dean of students, assistant principal, and principal.  I came to Huron in 1995 and have served as the principal of Huron High for the past nineteen years.

AAPSNews:  Looking back on your tenure at Huron, what are some of your most proud accomplishments?

Dr. Williams:

  • Creating the best environment for teaching and learning for our students and staff.
  • 8 Presidential Scholars named in my 19 years.
  • Huron being named one of the Best High Schools in the Nation by Newsweek, US News & World Report magazines and the Washington Post.
  • Elected as a Trustee of the College Board.
  • The major improvements on the campus; New Theatre, Riverbank Stadium, Student Greenhouse store, Improvement to the Dome Gym.

AAPSNews: What do you see as the greatest challenges in being an administrator in public schools now compared to when you started your career?

Dr. Williams: When I began my career as an educator schools were very different. Computers, cell phones, the Internet, Facebook, Instagrams, Tweets were not in existence. I only mention these things because of the impact they have had on the education of our young people. I often refer to them as a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because they have allowed us to do our work more efficiently.  A curse because of the misuse of the technologies.  Other challenges we face as administrators are the shrinking funding provided to the schools while the demands of continuous improvement continue to rise. The implementation of the common core state standards and doing more with less resources.

AAPSNews: What have been your “joys” working with Huron staff and students.

Dr. Williams:  Having the pleasure of interacting with some of the brightest and caring students.  Students that are balanced in their approach to life.  Working with a passionate, competent, loving and dedicated staff. Finally, the families that provide the support for the school.

AAPSNews:  What are your retirement plans?

Dr. Williams:

•  Reading things that I haven’t had a chance to read.

•  Spending time with my family

•  Rest and relaxation

•  Running

• Golf lessons

•  Community Volunteering

• Spanish Lessons

• Learn how to play chess.

I am proud to have served and been a part of the Exceptional Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Dr. Williams with his current office professional, Alicia Bryant and retired office professional Jane Ziesemer

Dr. Williams, we are proud to have you in our district for 19 years and know that you will be a River Rat for life!!




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  1. To whom it may concern: Can someone get this message to Arthur?

    Dr. Williams
    I read on a proclamation in your honor that you were a graduate of Western Illinois University. I am curious if you lived in the Newman House on Ward St. before you graduated. I also lived in that house. Perhaps you remember me.
    Jim Ruebush

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