Huron High School celebrates the generosity of the Class of 1973

The Class of 1973’s loyalty and service to Huron High now shines brightly in an illuminated flaming ‘H’ LED sign

At the recent Huron High School Homecoming Football Game, the Class of 1973 was honored for both their 50th anniversary reunion and a generous donation to their alma mater. 

To commemorate their golden anniversary, the Class of ’73 raised $17,050 for the Huron High School Flaming H Project, which has since installed an illuminated flaming “H” LED sign on the exterior of the school building. 

This new display, measuring an impressive 144 inches across, now proudly highlights the students’ and alumni’s passion for learning and continued River Rats pride, said Principal Che´ Carter.

“As River Rats, the legacy of Huron High School, this emblem represents the dedication to nurturing the flame of knowledge for current and future generations,” said Carter. “The Class of 1973’s gift is a symbol of their everlasting bond with their school and their wish to inspire current and future students.”

Carter also extends a big thanks to PTSO President Margaret Baker; the Huron PLTW program including Rob Cupit and Katie Marchionna; team members Alice Ivanitskiy, Emma Kaipainen, Sasha Lee, Kamie Mueller, Felicia Sang, and Eileen Su; and the entire team who were charged with creating a 3D prototype, especially students from the previous years of Huron’s Engineering IB program.

Che´ Carter stands with members of the Class of 1973 during the recent homecoming game.

During the halftime ceremony, Carter joined the class representatives in the end zone for photographs to commemorate this significant occasion.

“This generous gift will forever be a reminder of the enduring connection that the Class of 1973 shares with Huron High School and its commitment to the school’s mission to inspire lifelong learning,” he said. “Once a River Rat, always a River Rat.”

He noted that the Class of 1973 grew up during the transformative ’60s and came of age in the ’70s, facing their fair share of challenges, including civil unrest, an unpopular war, and the loss of beloved leaders, while persevering with youthful energy and determination. 

“Over the decades, they achieved personal and professional successes, witnessing downsizing, right-sizing, and super-sizing in various aspects of life,” he said. “Their remarkable class is represented in diverse corners of society and the workforce. They collectively share a strong connection to Huron High School.”

The sign was installed on Oct. 27 and illuminated for the first time on Oct. 30.

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