Forsythe KMO Team gold in Michigan, sixth in nation in April contest

The Forsythe Knowledge Master team saved the best for last as they finished first in the state, out of ten teams, in the Knowledge Master Open held April 25. In three previous contests this year, they had finished third, second, and third in the state. The Knowledge Master Open is a contest that tests teams’ ability to answer questions in all the subject areas quickly and accurately. The questions are at all levels of difficulty. The KMO is produced by Academic Hallmarks, of Durango, Colorado, and you can learn more about it at

The Viking team of 39 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders scored 1729 out of a perfect score of 2000, far above the national average. Second place in Michigan went to Dunckel Middle School, Farmington Hills, with a score of 1707, and third place went to Boulan Park Middle School, in Troy, with 1700. A team from Tappan finished seventh in Michigan, and we are glad to see our crosstown rivals return to KMO competition.

Nationally, Forsythe placed sixth out of 565 teams. First place in the country was Longfellow School from Falls Church, Virginia, with 1814, and second place was Kealing Middle School from Austin, Texas with 1799.  The competition consisted of 200 multiple-choice questions, each with five answer choices.  Forsythe answered 184 correctly on the first try and got 14 of the remaining 16 right on the second try, leaving only two questions answered incorrectly.

KMO is a middle school club open to all Forsythe students. The coach is Dan Ezekiel, assisted by Mike Shaw, and with parent assistance coordinated by team mom Marni Arnett.  The club is now finished for the year, but will meet again next school year during Quarters 2 and 3.  The members of the gold-winning April team were:


Oscar Anderson, Chandra Desai, James Johal-Smith, Daniel Khain, Nathan Pawittranon, Rose Sproat, Jordan Tirico, Julia Walker.


Fumiya Abe-Nornes, Miles Aikens, Navya Arigapudi, Halley Banaszak-Holl, Oshadi Caldera, Samir Chethan, Tommy Cohn, Noah Dean, Forrest Flesher, Alex Hull, Chase Hyatt, Sabir Islam, Anna Kaehr, Shreeman Nimmagadda, Micah Pollans-Dempsey, Samiksha Prakash, Jacob Schneyer, Star Su.


Katie Arnett, Janine Chouinard, Tara Dorje, Peyton Hoffman, Joshua Nacht, Anjuli Patel, Catherine Pilon, Sandy Schwartz, Rana Sharma, Deanna Shih, Kotone Tsuji, Michelle Wang, Charlie Wertenberger.

–Submitted by Dan Ezekiel

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