Families get moving at Ann Arbor Open School’s Families in P.E. Week

The Ann Arbor Open School gym is more active than ever this week.

For the first time this year, the school is holding Families in P.E. week, as all families of A2 Open Y5-4th graders have been invited to come in and participate in their children’s P.E. class.

P.E. teacher Jesse Deucher saw it as a chance to get families involved in a new way.
“It’s also a chance for kids to see these adults modeling a healthy and active lifestyle and let adults have a taste of what the PE curriculum looks like,” he says.
Deucher noted that PE has changed a lot over the years, even from when today’s caregivers were kids. By participating, these adults get first-hand experience with the more modern curriculum.
“I think PE 10 or 15 or 20 years ago compared to what it is today looks a lot different,” Deucher said. “Adults who maybe had kind of not the best memories of PE, they come in and they get to have all this fun with their kids, and it’s a really positive experience for them.”
The week-long event has been popular with family members, and teachers have also been supportive in making it a success, he said.
“It’s been great,” said Deucher, who came up with the idea after hearing about it from A2 STEAM P.E. teacher Jason Willard. “This whole week has been great. I’ve been thrilled by how many families come in, how supportive the classroom teachers have been in helping make this event possible, and it’s just been a fabulous week for us here and our community has been awesome.”

Jason Willard says he’s been holding Family PE Week at A2 Steam since 2017.

“I love Family PE Week for so many reasons,” he says. “It allows us to showcase our curriculum and teaching styles. Family PE week gives parents the chance to interact with their kids at school, and gives children an opportunity to see parents modeling healthy behaviors like learning skills, playing games, and sports. And Family PE week allows me to establish closer relationships with parents and strengthen our community.”  

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