Community High School Class of 2017 Celebrates Graduation

By Andrew Cluley AAPS Communications Director

From simply saying thank you, to recognizing specific teachers, friends, and family members, to telling tales of drinking an excessive number of Root Beer Floats, Community High School’s Class of 2017 all got a chance to share their thoughts at their Commencement Ceremony last night. It’s one of the unique traditions at Community were all 133 graduates have the chance to give a commencement speech.A Community High School Forum leader and several students preparing to make their commencement comments.

Commencement also offered a chance to highlight the artistic talents of Community High School students through performances by Jazz band Cold Tone Dreamery, Community Ensemble Theatre with a selection from Fiddler on the Roof, and solo performances by Lucas Atkinsmith and Gabe Kleer.

Community High School’s 45th annual Commencement Ceremony also included the traditional look back on high school and a look ahead to what’s next for the class of 2017. Ann Arbor Public Schools Superintendent Jeanice Swift is confident the future is bright for this year’s graduates based on what they have already accomplished. “In your CTE productions, your mock trial endeavors, your tremendous work on the Communicator around really important topics that matter, your work on immigration exceeded any professional journalism I saw, your jazz, your arts, we can go on, you are impressive,” Swift says.

Dean Marci Tuzinsky thanked the class of 2017 for taking the leap to come to Community High School and sharing their talents over the last four years. Tuzinsky wished the graduates a successful trip outside the safe harbor of Community High School.  “A journey where you continue to crave life-long learning, a journey where you’re challenged and excited, and a journey that allows you to be the best possible you in the world,” she says. “We are so proud of you, we are totally amazed by you, and we care for you.”

A community high school grad stands next to Dean Marci Tuzinsky and Karen Siegal
Noah Dworkin received the Nathan Lyndall Hall Memorial Scholarship for recognition of academic, community service, and athletic pursuits.

As part of the ceremony, seven awards were presented to 2017 graduates.

  • Jill Award named for Jill Donnellan given to students that make Community a happier place- Patrick Wellman and Olivia freeman
  • Community Resources Award for student that utilizes the Community Resources program to the fullest- Sadie Zinn
  • Nathan Lyndall Hall Memorial Scholarship for recognition of academic, community service, and athletic pursuits- Noah Dworkin
  • Susanne Ruth Springer Award for student that excels in writing and encourages fellow writers- Magdalena Mihaylova
  • Judith DeWoskin Writing Award- Hannah RubensteinDean
  • Al Gallup Scholarship in recognition to outstanding service to Community High School- Joel Appel-Kraut
  • Bruce Bartman Memorial Scholarship given to student best exemplifies the ideals of Community High School- Hannah Rubenstein

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