Being sent to the principal’s office: Not so bad after all

By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

Maybe it’s not so bad to be sent to the principal’s office after all.

Allen Elementary’s new principal wants to change the narrative about being a principal and about how he can help to build positive, effective, and trusting relationships with students.

That’s why Charles Chalfant spent Wednesday welcoming every class—all 430 students—into his office for an informal chat and question-answer period.

In a message sent to parents, Chalfant explained that  his goal is to change the narrative about being a principal and about how I can also help to build positive, effective, and trusting relationships with all of our students.

“Each and every one of our Eagles deserves to have adults in the building they can go to at any time and for any reason.” he wrote. “I hope to become that adult for your child immediately (and for you, too, of course!)”

Students’ questions included:

  • Why did you choose to be the principal at Allen?
  • How old are you?
  • What’s your mom’s name?
  • What’s your wife’s name?
  • How many kids do you have? (Answer: A son who just turned 3 and 7-month old boy/girl twins—all future Eagles.)
  • Who is your favorite teacher at Allen? (You better believe he didn’t answer that one!)
  • Does your mom still pack your lunch? (Answer:  “No, I get hot lunch.”)
  • In your previous career, when you were a deputy sheriff, did you have a car, a gun, and arrest people?
  • Do you have any Popsicles we can have?

When one student asked: “Do you always wear tuxedos?” Chalfant had to explain the difference between a suit and a tuxedo. He also noted that he’s a great shopper, with most of his suit jackets costing  $2.99 at the Salvation Army.

Next up: Chalfant—who lives in a neighborhood that buses to Allen—is going to ride the bus to school to surprise the kids.
Nancy Cocco’s second grade class gets to know their new principal.

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