Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Tennis named `Member Organization of the Year’ by USTA/Midwest Section

Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Tennis has received the USTA/Midwest Section’s Member Organization of the Year Award for 2019.

This award is presented to a tennis community in recognition for its service to members through junior and adult programs and its history of providing these services.

Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Tennis is part of the Ann Arbor Recreation and Education Department of AAPS. Its overarching mission is “to enhance the quality of life for our community through education and recreation.”

Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Tennis is a public-school, district-based non-profit program serving more than 2,000 participants of all ages and backgrounds each year throughout Ann Arbor.

The organization’s array of programming includes approximately 300 multi-session, affordable youth and adult tennis classes and camps annually that utilize 12 sites including public school tennis courts and gyms, and the University of Michigan Varsity Tennis Center.

Offerings for adults include 15-20 USTA Adult League teams, social leagues, USTA/Midwest Section Start/ReStart beginner adult program (currently has more than 150 participants making it one of the largest beginner programs in the section), clinics, and cardio tennis. Ann Arbor Rec & Ed is a Net Generation provider offering the youth progression pathway, junior team tennis, and entry-level tournaments.

Ann Arbor Rec & Ed Tennis  partners with the University of Michigan,  hosts tennis events and tournaments, donates equipment to players, facilitates Net Generation training and school partnerships, offers scholarships and reduced fees to low-income families, and hosts local USTA community tennis meetings.

The USTA/Midwest Section exceeds 70,000 individual members and approximately 1,000 member organizations.  It is the second largest section of the United States Tennis Association. 


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