Ann Arbor PTO Council launches equity fundraiser to benefit Title I students

The Ann Arbor PTO Council (PTOC) is launching an online fundraiser on March 7, 2024 to boost PTO funding at Title I elementary schools. 

PTOs typically supplement gaps in school funding, but because of wealth and resource inequities among public schools in our own community, not all PTOs are able to raise equal amounts of money. PTO income varies across schools in the district with a range of $40 per student per year to $238 per student per year. PTO income is lower at schools with more economically disadvantaged students and at more diverse schools, compounding inequity for AAPS students and families.

Together with the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift Shop, this fundraiser raised over $60,000 in 2023, all of which were distributed to Title I school PTOs with no strings attached. This year we hope to raise even more!

To participate, the PTOC is asking all individuals who can donate 20 dollars or more to the fundraiser on GoFundMe. Funds raised will be distributed to the designated Title I schools in the spring of 2024. 

This fundraiser will allow the PTOs to boost 2024/2025 funding for Title I schools. This is a second-year pilot project and part of the larger PTOC equity work. The PTOC acknowledges that this fundraiser will not fix inequity and that more robust, ongoing efforts are needed. This is simply one small first step.

The PTOC is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization with the mission to promote excellence in our schools through communication and advocacy for member PTOs with district administration, with the Board of Education, and beyond. The PTOC facilitates parent involvement, shares ideas, and works to advance the quality of our schools. As a 501(c)(4), donations to the PTOC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.

The PTOC has a history of successfully advocating for bonds and millages as well as working with district affinity groups and community leaders. For the past several years, the PTO Council has worked with school representatives, caregivers and parents, and the district to identify needs within our schools and create steps for improvements. The PTOC encourages all Ann Arbor community members to join them in the work by spreading the word and supporting the fundraiser.

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