Ann Arbor mayor talks civics & safety with Thurston 2nd graders

Story, photos and video by Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

What inspired you to be mayor and what’s your favorite part?

What can we do to make sure students stay safe around their schools?

What problems does Ann Arbor face that we can help with?

I’ve seen my parents texting and driving and have tried to talk to them, but they don’t listen. What can I do to get them to stop?

Do your cats get along with your dog?

Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor faced some tough questions—and one or two softballs—when he stopped by Thurston Elementary to talk civics and safety.

Thurston second graders are working on a  social studies unit on civic engagement and  have been discussing in class the concerns they have in the community and what they can do to be involved,

The students took all the ideas, created signs in small groups, voted on our favorite six and had them made into posters, explained second grade teacher Kendra Hahn.

After a Q & A period with the mayor, the students placed the signs near the parking lot and street.

Second grade teacher Sebastian  Gerstner said the teachers and students were happy to welcome the mayor and learn more about the job.

“The kids came up with this great idea to make signs to put up outside our school to make sure that while people are driving around our school and around our sidewalks, we can increase our safety,” he said.  “The mayor had a great talk with our class about other ways we can make our community safe and what he does as the mayor. Some of the kids have expressed interest in possibly being the mayor some day, so it was a really fun way to end our civics project and to get them really excited about making our community a safer place.”



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