Ann Arbor Fire Department recognizes Liz Margolis

The Ann Arbor Fire Department recognized Executive Director Student and School Safety Liz Margolis for outstanding partnership with emergency planning, exercising, training, and preparedness efforts at a Promotional and Recognition Ceremony yesterday at Fire Station 6.

Fire Chief Mike Kennedy stressed that to be successful the AAFD relies on the support of critical safety partners like Liz Margolis. “There has literally been nothing that we have asked of Liz that she has not helped us out with and to say that she is a wonderful, valued partner would be an understatement,” Kennedy said.

In his remarks Kennedy credited Margolis for three specific items she helped make happen. He thanked her for assistance in opening Pioneer High School as a cooling station a couple of years ago when much of Ann Arbor was dealing with power outages. Kennedy also highlighted Margolis’s work in having the Ann Arbor Public Schools, law enforcement, and other emergency services participate in a tabletop exercise last year to test plans for dealing with a school emergency.

Kennedy shared that thanks to Margolis all Ann Arbor fire trucks and police cars now have access cards to our schools to provide faster access and preparedness to respond to emergencies in schools. 

John Randle, Jenna Bacolor, Liz Margolis, Hanna Melangton, and Jeanice Swift stand in front of a fire truck as Margolis holds a plaque honoring her for emergency preparedness work.

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