AAPS Professional Development Day 2016: “A remarkable day”

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On AAPS’ Professional Development Day Monday, 1200 professional teachers, principals, teaching assistants, nurses, and support staff chose among 62 sessions focused on learning and teaching which were located at six locations around the district.

The sessions were facilitated by AAPS teacher leaders as well as nationally recognized presenters on topics such as social/emotional student health, creating a welcoming student-centered environment, curriculum alignment and formative assessments, K-12 effective teaching strategies, food allergies, assistive technology, neurobiology of play, integrating the fine arts, and connecting language learning to cultural understanding.

Teachers pre-registered for sessions ahead of time and submitted feedback surveys at the conclusion of each session.

LeeAnn Dickinson-Kelley, assistant superintendent of instruction and student support services, called it “a remarkable day.”

“It is not typical that a local district regularly presents such a comprehensive, high quality, conference-style event such as today,” she said. “It is a real testament to the professional dedication of our district staff and teacher leaders. I heard nothing but positive comments as I joined sessions throughout the district.”

Teaching assistants who had a furlough day scheduled for Monday will attend a daylong series of workshops today at Tappan Middle School.

Dickinson-Kelley thanked the following curriculum leaders for their exceptional work:

  • Rose Marie Callahan
  • Amy Deller
  • Anne Marie Nicol-Turner
  • Kay Wade
  • Marci Harris
  • Sarah Karis
  • Karen Eisley
  • Robin Bailey
  • Sean Waymaster
  • Cassandra Benion
  • Lisa Cope
  • Sara Duvall
  • Chrissey Postema
  • Tom Pachera
  • Dawn Linden

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