4 AAPS schools excel at the 2021 Michigan Science Olympiad State Tournament

Pioneer and Slauson advance to nationals; Huron and Clague celebrate their highest rankings ever

Four AAPS schools—Pioneer, Huron, Slauson, and Clague—qualified at the Region 9 Tournament in March to earn invitations to the Michigan Science Olympiad State Tournament held virtually on May 1 and 2.  

In Region 9 Tournament from division C, Pioneer ranked 1st and Huron ranked 3rd. From Divison B, Clague ranked 1st and Slauson ranked 2nd. 

The school rankings at States were based on the scores for each school’s best 19 main events.  Then the top 2 Division C (high school) teams and the top 2 Division B (middle school/junior high) teams from the State Tournament are invited to the National Tournament.  

Pioneer High School came in second overall, so the Pioneers will advance to the national tournament.  Huron High School placed 6th out of 56 registered teams, which is their highest ranking in history.  Slauson Middle School came in first and will be competing at the National Tournament.  Clague came in 5th out of 51 teams, and that is Clague’s highest ranking in history.  

Pioneer High School placed in the top 10 in 19 of the 22 events: 1st in Anatomy & Physiology (Sriram Garapati & Lin Yang), Circuit Lab (Arnav Brahmasandra & Schuyler Byrn), Experimental Design (Aditi Ganesan, Schuyler Byrn, & Avi Patel), Forensics (Anna Klinger & Maya Mustata), Protein Modeling (Schuyler Byrn, Lin Yang, & Ania Dudek), and trial events Agribio (Sriram Garapati & Sakthi Vijay) and Virtual Geocaching (Sriram Garapati & Tushaar Kapoor); 2nd in Fossils (Sriram Garapati & Jennifer Meng), Geologic Mapping (Tushaar Kapoor & Sonia Walter); 3rd in Astronomy (Michelle Mobius & Sophia Wang), Chemistry Lab (Arnav Brahmasandra & Maya Mustata), Designer Genes (Sriram Garapati & Avi Patel); 4th in Detector Building (Aditi Ganesan & Arnav Brahmasandra), Disease Detectives (Sriram Garapati & Avi Patel), Machines (Tushaar Kapoor & Oskar Hanson), Ornithology (Anna Klinger & Jennifer Meng), Water Quality (Aditi Ganesan & Sonia Walter); 7th in Code Busters (Schuyler Byrn, Michelle Mobius, & Oskar Hanson), Digital Structures (Anna Klinger & Lin Yang), Dynamic Planet (Tushaar Kapoor & Sonia Walter); and 8th in Write It CAD It (Aditi Ganesan, Lin Yang).

Huron High School placed in the top 10 for 15 events: 2nd in Astronomy (Vanya Krishna & Aarnav Unadkat), Designer Genes (Eric Heng & Pooja Yalavarthi), and trial event Agribio (Dhruva Gopalakrishnan); 3rd in Code Busters (Sasha Lee & Veda Srinivas & Aarnav Unadkat), Detector Building (Veda Srinivas & Akshar Cowlagi); 5th in Circuit Lab (Anita Gaenko & Akshar Cowlagi), Disease Detectives (Eric Heng & Pooja Yalavarthi), Sounds of Music (Eileen Su & Annabel Yang); 6th in Anatomy & Physiology (Eric Heng & Pooja Yalavarthi), Chemistry Lab (Anita Gaenko & Andrew Ye), Ornithology (Garrett Jin & Ben Pollitz), Protein Modeling (Eric Heng & Andrew Ye & Pooja Yalavarthi); 8th in Digital Structures (Veda Srinivas & Sasha Lee); 9th in Geologic Mapping (Karthik Vangavolu & Akshar Cowlagi), Gravity Vehicle (Ben Pollitz & Samiran Muli); and 10th in Machines (Aarnav Unadkat & Akshar Cowlagi).  Huron would like to thank their advisor, Mrs. Wissman, and her husband for all their help over the past two years.

The Slauson team is heading for nationals

Slauson Middle School placed in the top 10 for 21 of the 22 events: 1st in Density Lab (Radhika Bhide & Michael Wu), Dynamic Planet (Aaron Kou & Isabel Sutton), Experimental Design (Alexander Hsu, Sanjita Pulgam & Anamika Suresh), Mission Possible (Natalie Guo & Alexander Hsu), Ornithology (Radhika Bhide & Isabel Sutton); 2nd in Helicopters (Rex Bajcz & Theo Sacks-Thomas), Mousetrap Vehicle (Rex Bajcz), Road Scholar (Aaron Kou & Patrick Regan), Water Quality (Avanti Ganesan & Aaron Kou), Write It CAD It (Shelley Ouyang & Sanjita Pulgam); 3rd in Game On (Markus Eckner & Shelley Ouyang), Machines (Alexander Hsu & Sanjita Pulgam), Reach for the Stars (Radhika Bhide & Patrick Regan); 4th in Anatomy & Physiology (Radhika Bhide & Anamika Suresh), Digital Structures (Rex Bajcz & Alexander Hsu), Crime Busters (Aaron Kou & Dorothy Li), Disease Detectives (Natalie Guo & Michael Wu), Food Science (Sanjita Pulgam & Anamika Suresh), Fossils (Dorothy Li & Theo Sacks-Thomas); and 10th in Circuit Lab (Markus Eckner & Avanti Ganesan), Meteorology (Patrick Regan & Theo Sacks-Thomas).

Clague Middle School placed in the top 10 for 16 of the 22 events.

Clague Middle School placed in the top 10 for 16 of the 22 events: 1st in Crime Busters (Kashvi Rai, Aarna Desai), Game On (Tanay Panja, Aditya Kumar), Meteorology (Michelle Zhang, Paavani Tewari); 2nd in Machines(Aditya Kumar, Michelle Zhang); 3rd in Ornithology (Aditi Gopalakrishnan, Tanay Panja) and Fast Facts – trial event (Tanay Panja, Sounak Debnath) ; 4th in Mousetrap Vehicle (Aditi Gopalakrishnan), Road Scholar (Paavani Tewari, Sounak Debnath); 5th in Density Lab  (Tanay Panja, Kashvi Rai), Food Science (Katherine Ma, Lianne Liu); 6th in Disease Detectives (Aditi Gopalakrishnan, Anika Raman); 7th in Anatomy & Physiology (Tanay Panja, Aarna Desai); 8th in Circuit Lab  ( Kashvi Rai, Hemanth Tavane), Helicopters (Anika Raman, Aditya Muli), Mission Possible (Aditi Gopalakrishnan); 9th in Reach for the Stars (Aditya Muli, Sounak Debnath); and 10th in Fossils (Katherine Ma, Lianne Liu). 

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