White set to return from military duty to principal’s post at Pioneer

Interim Principal Tamber Woodworth said she plans to retire

Carlina Duan
AAPSNews Service

Michael White is expected to return to his principal’s role in January, to replace current principal Tamber Woodworth in the second semester of school.

White, who was principal of Pioneer from 2007-09, was unexpectedly called for deployment in January 2010 to Fort Benning, Georgia  and left the halls of Pioneer to serve with the U.S. Army Reserves. White has spent the past year in Fort Benning training infantry soldiers and preparing them for battle; working as a drill sergeant for the 3/300th Infantry Battalion, 4th Brigade.

Michael White at Fort Benning, Georgia, training recruits.
Michael White at Fort Benning, Georgia, training recruits. White plans to return to his post at Pioneer next semester. (Courtesy, Michael White)

Woodworth, previously Pioneer assistant principal, replaced White in the last half of the school year. “The latest news is that (Mr. White) is really excited to come home,” she said. “I talked to him (recently) on the phone and he is full of energy.”

Upon White’s return, Woodworth said she plans to retire. “I’ll have an extended retirement,” she said, “It’s my intent to retire.” Woodworth had originally scheduled her retirement for last summer until White asked her to take over his position upon his absence.

In terms of school policies, Woodworth says she has tried not to stray from White’s original goals. “Mr. White had a definite direction he wanted to go in,” Woodworth explained, “I have kept it as true to his path as I could.”

Students agree, feeling that there has not been too drastic of change of policy enforced since White’s absence. “I honestly haven’t noticed much of a difference.” said senior Margaret Burns. Sophomore Maggie Campbell agreed. “(Mr. White) wasn’t here that long, so it’s not much of a difference to me,” she said.

Students also are expectant of White’s return.  “I’m happy he’s coming back because he did a great job turning our school around,” said senior Charlie Held.  “But at the same time, I’m sad because Ms. Woodworth has done such a good job and always has a smile on her face.”

As for anticipated changes upon Mr. White’s return, Woodworth said, laughing, “I think you’re going to hear a different voice on the announcements.”

Carlina Duan is the editor of The Optimist, Pioneer High School’s student newspaper. This article is reprinted from a fall edition of The Optimist.

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