That’s a Great Idea: PLPs on sticky labels keep students focused on goals

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By Jo Mathis/AAPS District News Editor

When AAPS teachers last year were asked to form Personalized Learning Plans for each student, A2 STEAM first grade teacher Caroline Semrau looked online to the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) for specific ways to improve her students’ academic success.

Students’ performances in other assessments, in addition to knowing grade level standards, were also taken into consideration in creating the plans. The process of creating the plans was explained to students and their families and any additional goals were added based on that collaboration.

Then she studied grade level standards before creating a PLP for each student.

And then she had what her colleagues say is a Great Idea that other teachers could easily copy.

By simply cutting and pasting from the original plan, Semrau created simple sticky labels with student goals on them, which students stick onto their supply bags.


The point is to keep these individual goals visible, relatable and student-centered. Parents like them because the goals are specific and clear and easily translated to ways they can help at home, said Semrau.

“Fellow teachers can give this a try because the Personalized Learning Plan becomes a meaningful exercise for teachers, students, and their families,” she said. “Students work towards mastery of specific content areas while teachers foster and encourage a growth mindset in the classrooms. ”

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