Students selected to perform with state honors band and orchestra

A number of student instrumentalists from The Ann Arbor Public Schools have been selected to participate in the State Honors Band and Orchestra and will take part in the Fifth Annual Michigan Music Conference on Jan. 23 at the Devos Center in Grand Rapids.

The All-State Bands and Orchestra Performances are scheduled from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Detailed information is posted at and

All-State High School Orchestra

Huron High School: Tina Rowan, 2nd violin, Catherine Vogt, French horn.
Skyline High School: Emma Powell, 1st violin; Brian Chang, 1st violin; and Ben Merle, string bass.

All-State High School Band

Huron HIgh School: Peter Dixon, tenor sax; Peter Dolce,tenor sax.
Pioneer High School: Karen Matsuo, flute; Skye Huerta, flute; Julia Pekela, bb clarinet; Gina Son, bb Clarinet; Michael Sullivant, bass clarinet.
Skyline High School: Doan Ichikawa, bb clarinet.

All-State Middle School Orchestra

Clague Middle School: Hiro Adachi,1st violin; Maria Bonvicini, 1st violin; Deen Adzemovic, 1st violin; Dallan Roan, 2nd violin; Shwetha Rajaram, 2nd violin; Caroline Elliott, viola; Alan Xu, viola; Jessie Kim, cello.
Forsythe Middle School: Grace Pernecky, 2nd violin.
Slauson Middle School: Michael Lee, 1st violin; Charles Wang, 2nd violin; Chenxi Sun, 2nd violin; Irene Wei, 2nd violin; Lizzie Zinn, cello.
Tappan Middle School: Andy Hsiao, 2nd violin; Noah Aaron, cello.

All-State Middle School Band
Ann Arbor Open @ Mack: Griffin Roy, bb clarinet; Halley Bass, trombone.
Clague Middle School: Paulina Tsao, flute; Emily Ji, bb clarinet; Lorna Barron, tpt/cor; Nir Glazer, French horn.
Scarlett Middle School: Jordan Steiff, bb clarinet.
Slauson Middle School: Anna Latterner, flute; Kevin Jiang, bb clarinet; Charles Wang, tpt/cor; Elliot Pollot, bar/euph; John Fan, percussion.
Tappan Middle School: Brandon Cutler, trombone.

High School Honorable Mention
Pioneer High School: Elisabeth Cvercko, French horn; Aiden Mase-Kemnitz, French horn.
Skyline High School: Alice Wang, flute

Middle School Honorable Mention

Clague Middle School: Shin Lee, cello; Thisara Wijesundera , viola.
Slauson Middle School: Sarah Adams, string bass; Trevor King, bassoon.
Tappan Middle School: Jonathan Hamermesh, viola; Junmo Lee, bb clarinet; William Yang,violin.

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