Skyline High School Class of 2023 Commencement Ceremony

344 graduates receive diplomas at Skyline High School’s 12 commencement ceremony on June 5

The George Gervin GameAbove Center at Eastern Michigan University was the setting for the 12th Commencement Ceremony of Skyline High School.

Skyline High School Principal Cory McElmeel congratulated the graduating seniors for their academic achievement, with over 60 percent earning academic honors. He also highlighted their service to the school community, and achievements in the arts, athletics, and other passions. “Skyline family, there must have been something in the water or the air about 18-years ago because this group of young leaders in front of us has some of the biggest hearts, some of the biggest minds and the greatest souls that we have taught in a long time,” McElmeel said. “We will greatly miss the graduates of 2023 at Skyline. You are a beloved group of students.”

Aaralyn Huhn shared the Senior Class Message, highlighting the arduous climb up four floors of stairs that Skyline students make daily at 8 AM. Huhn said she and all her classmates are done with the challenge of climbing these stairs, somewhat embarrassingly out of breath at the top. While everyone at Skyline can see the challenge the stairs, pose, she said more hidden were the various internal struggles each student carried with them throughout their high school experience.

“My fellow graduates, I don’t know all of you, or your challenges or what you carried with you every day, but I do know if most people knew your story, knew your climb and everything you’ve been through they’d probably wonder how you are still smiling, still standing here today,” Huhn said. “And if no one has said it, I’m proud of each and every one of you for where you have been, for the fact that you’re here now and where you are headed. Wherever your journey takes you I encourage you to make yourself seen and to look around and support those who are still ascending.”

The Class of 2023, led by Senior SLC Presidents Fiona Shanngguan and Grace Lee presented their class gift of indoor and outdoor seating and benches for future students and staff to enjoy.

Candace O’Leary gave the Commencement Address. O’Leary said she initially thought it was a senior prank when she was told the class had elected her for the address, as she’s an introverted art teacher. O’Leary offered the class of 2023 several do’s and don’ts to keep in mind no matter where they are headed next. She said do remember where you came from; don’t change yourself for anyone else; do speak your truth; and don’t sell yourself short. Finally, O’Leary ended her speech with a quote from Ice-Cube, “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.”

Skyline students toss their caps into the air in celebration after receiving their diplomas.
Woman in Skyline cap and gown and white hijab holds up her diploma in one hand and waves with the other.
A group of Skyline students holding onto their caps and gowns before going in for the commencement ceremony.
Art teacher Candace O'Leary gives the commencement address.
A group of Skyline students in caps and gowns celebrate outside after the end of the ceremony.
Four Skyline students in the tunnel that leads out to their commencement ceremony.

For more photos, go to the AAPS Facebook Page. You can watch the complete CTN Broadcast of the Commencement Ceremony here.

A Skyline student in cap and gown in his wheelchair receives his diploma.
A pair of Skyline students in gowns hug after receiving diplomas and throwing their caps in celebration.
Skyline Student in cap and gown gives the student address at Commencement Ceremony.
A female Skyline student in blue cap and gown waves after receiving her diploma.
A bald eagle in front of the Skyline banner.
A female Skyline student in cap and gown receives her diploma from Principal Cory McElmeel.
Four Skyline students wearing or holding onto their gap and gowns get ready to enter the building before the Commencement Ceremony.
Two female Skyline students in their gowns celebrate outside after the ceremony.
Three Skyline students in caps and gowns wait for the ceremony to begin.
A group of Skyline students in their caps and gowns clap during the Commencement Ceremony.
A male Skyline grad in his cap and gown with a big smile points into the crowd after receiving his diploma.

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